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3 Super Benefits of Using a Walking Stick

Written by Ella Stephen

Walking happens to be one of the best forms of exercise. It requires no expense or equipment and it plays a crucial role in making you active. Regular walking can enhance your confidence levels, energy as well as stamina and you can also reduce your excess body weight with it. It will also keep the heart strong and reduce your stress level by giving you more energy. A quality walking stick like the Vissco walking stick quickly becomes a good companion for maintaining your health as well as for hiking.

There are numerous and varied benefits for using walking sticks regularly or even when one is hiking or trekking. These sticks actually help you to walk with more confidence, maintain your balance and simultaneously relieve tension on your bones and joints. Though it is quite a common misconception that only the elderly and the ailing will be benefitted from the walking sticks but it is far from the truth.

A good quality walking stick often assists even the able-bodied to achieve maximum health as well as well-being. You can take the stress out of your thighs, hips and ankles by using a walking stick for a leisure walk. By redistributing the weight you can actually rejuvenate the muscles that would otherwise be sore and weak after a day’s walk.

Here are some other benefits that you get from a walking stick.

  • Enhanced Stability and Balance–At the time of walking for especially those who have undergone a knee surgery or those with arthritis there can be various forms of posture problems and lack of balance that you may face. With the help of walking sticks even the body of a person with no such ailment gets stabilised and there is much less risk for you to slip or fall. These sticks also help you to become less fatigued and helps you achieve greater stability.
  • Joint and Back Health – The body weight is distributed with the help of the walking stick. Instead of all the weight coming down on your hips, back and knees, a walking stick displaces some of the weight from the lower body and the back and supports it through the arms and stick. Those with arthritis and back problems are hugely benefitted from it as it can reduce the wear and tear of the muscles as well as the joints. As you use these sticks they also assist you to achieve better posture especially in the upper back. Thus your weight is now distributed evenly which in turn helps to improve your health.
  • Improved Workout of the Upper body– When you use a walking stick it requires you to lift your walking stick with every step and place it in front while moving forward. Over the course of the long walk this can turn out be a good workout for your shoulders and arms. With a walking stick you will find that you are getting exhausted much later than what you usually do.

The above are some of the major benefits that you get by using a walking stick. But prior to purchasing you must ensure that you buy it from one of the licensed and reliable medical equipment companies. This way you can be rest assured that you are using a quality equipment that will serve your purpose for years to come and will provide the true value for your money.

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