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5 Steps to Gain Weight

We all know that being obese boosts the risk of chronic diseases, being underweight as well can a reason for heart failure and cancer. An underweight man has more possibility of developing erectile dysfunction. For a healthy lifestyle, one should have proper weight in accordance to the body mass.

Gaining healthy weight is not easy; however, it largely depends on the person and his body type. But the good news is that gaining weight is possible. Don’t preoccupy yourself over doing things right and force you to gain weight. To gain weight you need to first love and accept your body as it is. Then encourage yourself that you would be able to gain healthy weight mainly to make yourself feel better rather than to impress others. To be consistent and patient is the key to the weight gain success. Read on to learn the tips to achieve health weight gain.

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1: Check for your weight loss

Before you opt for the dos for gaining weight, it is important to check if you are losing weight without your knowledge. Therefore, get on that weighing machine regularly to keep a check that you are sustaining your present weight. Breaking your meals into six smaller meals instead of three meals a day will aid your weight gain goal. Eat a regular interval of 3 hours, and you are on right path to gain healthy weight.

2: Take Ample Calories

If you feel though you are eating enough still not gaining weight, then you have to check your definition of enough. Calculate your current calories intake and increase it by additional 300-500 calories per day and that should be your calories intake to increase your weight. With that you should be gaining 0.5 to 1 pound a week. If your weight gain is less than that, increase it by additional 300 calories per day and watch. Also it is very important to make sure you are not gaining too much too fast. Yup! Slow and study wins the race. So if you are gaining weight more than 1 pound per week, reduce your calories by 300 and get the right balance.

3: Weight training

Include weight training program into your daily schedule, this will help the body to convert the fat into muscle. But don’t start with heavy weight lifting or bench press, chin ups etc. It is always good to start slow and steady hence you can begin with running, stretching and light weight lifting. This will surely help in gaining one to two pounds every week.

4: Drink enough water

Drinking lot of water will certainly aid you in gaining weight. You should drink at least half a gallon water every day. If you can drink more it is even better. Lack of water in your body will dehydrate you, which will cause other health problems. Water will also help you to increase your stamina and fitness.

5: Rest and Relax

Give enough rest to your body so that it can relax and be stress free. Get a good night sleep for at least six to seven hours. And remember to keep the company of people who encourage and appreciate your efforts to gain weight.

If you are determined to gain healthy weight than shun eating fried food items, junk foods, cakes and chips. It is also to replace your cup of milk tea or coffee with a cup of green tea.

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