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A quest of choosing the best gynecologist

Written by Ella Stephen

Congrats on the fact that a newborn baby is arriving at your house. There is a sense of happiness all over the house and the first step in this regard would be the choice of a gynecologist. Each woman and pregnancy is different, and you need to be comfortable with a gynecologist as they will take you through the period of pregnancy, and in this process, go on to present the bundle of joy. So hereby are a few tips in choosing the best gynecologistfor your problems-


The best female gynecologistin Mumbai is much sort out in number and this is a point which you need to consider as soon as you are pregnant. If this is the case you can go on to filter the male candidates if you do not need them. Each doctor is professional and the gender should not matter in any way, but this is not an easy matter to convince. If as a lady if you are not comfortable with a male doctor examining your private parts, then it is better to avoid such a situation, no matter what others have to say about this.


You cannot go about visit each doctor in town to choose the right person. So, what do you do next? You can ask the people whom you trust and seek their opinion. Just take into account that you should not go on to share your personal details with them as what might have worked for them will not work for you. This step will help you to narrow down your list or if you have not gone on to create a list will help you to create one. With the internet making rapid strides, you can also check the internet for feedback, but you need to take them with a pinch of salt.


Make a detailed study of the background of the doctor, which hospital he is associated to and do give importance to the educational degrees. Once you have shortlisted the doctor see their track record and the years of experience they have in this field.


Obstetrics and gynecologists clinics in Mumbai are important as the former is only authorized to conduct deliveries. Depending upon the type along with the stage of pregnancy you would sometimes want to choose a gynecologist who is specialized in dealing with high risk pregnancies. This option needs to be explored if you have a perennial medical problem, have multiples or a history of miscarriages before. Say for example if you have high blood pressure you need to check out a doctor who has had an experience of dealing with such patients before.

Time spent

This happens to be the most important criteria for the first-time parents. In this regard, you would not need the services of a gynecologist who is rushing through their appointments without pausing a second. The need of the hour is someone who is relaxed no matter if there is a long line of patients waiting outside as well. The doctor should go on to answer all your questions, no matter on how silly it might look as well.


As important is the gynecologist so is the team who is involved in treating you. It is the team which is going on to prepare you for a visit.


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