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Abdominoplasty – The Best Way to Get Back a Flat Tummy

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Written by Ella Stephen

When a woman has finished building her family there may come a time when she decides to research a surgical option called an abdominoplasty, otherwise known to many as a tummy tuck. While some women may reasonably bounce back from pregnancy with minimal redundant skin, others may find that diet and exercise is not altering this abdominal region.

And despite the calorie counting and healthy regimen, stubborn fat deposits may still remain.

Do know that this is incredibly common and it’s an ongoing battle for many. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The good news is that even despite the best of intentions and actions, surgical intervention can be a welcome to many.

The first step one must embark on is due diligence when finding a board certified plastic surgeon in order to determine whether or not one is a candidate for a tummy tuck or even a mini tummy tuck San Diego. Ways to locate the perfect doctor include the following:

  • Receiving a recommendation from a family physician
  • Receiving a referral from a friend who underwent a similar procedure
  • Researching online patient reviews
  • Logging onto sites such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for doctors in the area

And more….

tummy tuck

Consider a consultation as an appointment to learn important details about the surgery, and also a time to glean as much information as possible about the plastic surgeon and their medical team. The support team is incredibly crucial as they will be in the frontlines for appointments before the surgery and also for the follow-up appointments, known as postoperative.

The first steps of the consultation will be meeting with a nurse who will go over the initial details. While this may vary slightly from practice to practice, photos of the abdominal area may also be taken and at different angles. At more progressive medical offices, these photos will be uploaded to special software and then the photos revealed on a touchscreen in the examining room. Soon after, the plastic surgeon will arrive for the initial greeting.

At this time, do be sure to have all questions on hand about the surgery and recovery. The doctor will examine the abdominal area and assess what level of surgery would be best informed. Generally, liposuction is performed to complement the abdominoplasty.

During the appointment, the plastic surgeon will utilize the touchscreen showing the patient where incisions will be made and what areas of the abdomen will be enhanced and tightened. While the doctor explains the procedure in detail, be sure that all questions are answered. Above all, it’s important to have a rapport with the surgeon and in no way feel a sense that the consultation is being rushed. This is a vital meeting as plastic surgery is an important step and much thoughtfulness must be part of it.

And a decision to schedule the surgery on the spot should never feel coerced. If one needs to go home and think about it that is highly recommended. However, if they feel confident and comfortable with the surgeon then they can certainly proceed and look forward to new silhouette.

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