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People who live in the colder part of the world, they obviously need the thicker yarn. Everyone knows that the babies are very sensitive, their immunity power also very less than the elder ones. So to make a baby blanket it is preferable to use the thick yarn. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn is no doubt the superior product. But a name which arises in your mind as a good product i.e. Lion Brand Yarn and Babysoft Yarn. This yarn is comparatively thin. This is another best yarn for baby blanket.  So, in cold places, we cannot use it.


Lion Brand Yarn 920-220D Baby soft Yarn appearspublicly in varieties of soft pastel colors which suits all the babies of both genders. This yarn is thinner than the other yarn. So, for this,it has an advantage and disadvantage too. Due to its light thickness, it’s weight also light. But we cannot use this yarn in a colder area. This yarn is made of 60% Acrylic and 40% Polyamide. This yarn is called as Babysoft yarn. From itsname,we can understand that it is very soft and extremely lightweight. It is elastic in nature. Generally, the baby has a habit to tug things or chew things. After the long-term chewing or tugging the blanket can ruin most of it. But when we use the blankets made of this Babysoft yarn, it does not change its shape due to this constant chewing or hugging. The product dimensions are 0.1×0.1×0.1 cm. The weight of this product is 9.07 grams and the shipping weight is 240 grams. The item model no is 920-101A and the item part no is 920-101A. This product is manufactured by Lion Brand. It arrivesfirst time in the market on 13th November 2014. This brand gives no warranty for their products.


Some baby’s skin suits only soft and lightweight things. Most of themuse this yarn. The quality and durability are good but not better than the Bernat Baby Blanket. The features are:

  • This yarn is very lightweight, so the blanket which is made of this yarn also lightweight.
  • Any gender can use this yarn due to its soft pastel colors.
  • This yarn is very soft and the texture of the goods which is made of this yarn is


People can find some negativity to use this product. If people can wash the product made of this yarn regularly, the color is fed off. Not only that beginners cannot use this yarn due to its thinness and the residents of colder places in the world cannot use this yarn due to itsthinness.


Due to its delightful texture and softness, this yarn is a very popular name to the people. If we tally the market popularity, Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn is more popular than this year.

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