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Bone Health: A Rising Issues In Women

Written by Ella Stephen

Bone health deterioration has been one of the major matter of concern for the medical industry for the past few years. As a person ages, the bone density starts decreasing due to the wear and tear. One of the main bone diseases found to affect people nowadays is Osteoporosis. Studies show that bone health issues are more seen in women when compared to their men counterparts. The main reason for this is because women must undergo large labour pain and carry the weight of child in her womb for ten months during pregnancy. So, it is important to give proper care for bone health in women to avoid weakening of it.

Let us see in detail what are the major causes of deteriorating bone health in women.

  1. Aging – The major part of the bone is made up of calcium and minerals, which is very essential for the proper movement and strength of it. As a person ages, his body starts reabsorbing these minerals and calcium from the bone gradually, which will, in turn, decrease the amount of it from the bone than the required level. This affects the proper movement of the bone and starts causing joint pains to the person, especially while bending. Most of the time, the person breaks a bone in such situation.
  2. Menopause – Most women, during and after their 50s undergo menopause, which is the process where the menstruation in women comes to a complete stop. This involves a lot of hormonal changes in the woman. The level of oestrogen hormone decreases as a part of it, which is found to be one of the reasons for bone loss in women above age 50.
  3. Eating habits / lifestyle – Since the bone is made up of calcium and minerals, a person has to intake food that contains plenty of these. But, due to the busy lifestyle today, people tend not to care about a healthy diet and this may affect their bone health when the amount of calcium content decreases in their diet.
  1. Improper pre and post-natal care During pregnancy, since the backbone must carry a lot of weight, women must take diligent care of it from the very beginning stage of their pregnancy and till up to after 6 months of delivery. The labour pain also causes a lot of pain to the entire muscular system due to the stress it gives to the bone while pushing out the baby from the womb. Therefore, pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to intake calcium tablets along with a proper diet filled with calcium and mineral containing food items.
  2. 5.Lack of exercise – Bone mass is found to be maintained while doing strength training exercises. Since we remain busy during the      day due to work related and other personal issues, people often tend to avoid work outs. But, this can cause major damage to our bone as we age
  3. 6.Smoking and drinking – the two biggest unhealthy habits that must be strictly avoided are smoking and drinking. Smoking after menopause is found to be riskier that in a menstruating woman. Alcohol consumption and smoking during pregnancy and nursing period can even affect the new born baby.
  4. 7.Medical problems – People who are advised for a long-term bed rest due to some medical problems are likely to get bone diseases as they are not in a condition to give proper exercise to their bones. People with kidney diseases and rheumatoid arthritis are also found to fall victims of major bone diseases. In addition to such medical conditions, certain surgeries, treatments and medications can also cause the bone strength to decrease since these harsh treatment methods tend to absorb more and more calcium and minerals from their bones.

The major treatments and surgeries that severely impact the bone health in women are listed below:

  1. Breast cancer treatment methods that block hormonal movement within the body
  2. Weight loss surgeries or gastric bypass surgeries
  3. Treatments for cystic fibrosis inside the uterus
  4. Epilepsy and seizure medicines
  5. Increased intake of steroid containing medicines

Symptoms of Osteoporosis and other bone related diseases

Osteoporosis can be called the rusting of the bone. In a sense, bone tissues gradually start powdering and get worn out. This disease does not have any symptoms in the initial stages and the patient may not even know that they have a disease. Slowly, it starts to show symptoms like joint pains during bending or cycling. It can even cause a sudden fall or bump which may even result in a bone fracture or a vertebrae collapse.

Another major bone disease seen is due to the lack of ligament fluid in the bone joints. This often makes stair climbing difficult for the person.

Sometimes aged people also show symptoms like difficulty to fold their fingers or to open their fingers once folded. This symptom is like arthritis and is due to low finger bone strength.

Back bone related diseases come with the major symptoms as a stooped posture or back pain.

When to go for expert opinion?

As it is said, it is always sooner the better. Same is the case for bone health. Even if you do not have any bone related issues, just consult a dietician and decide on the proper diet that is need for a good bone health. Also, consult a physical trainer and start doing the proper exercises that are needed for bone flexibility and strength. It is very important to consult a doctor if you feel anything strange or painful in your bone. Do not neglect any bone related symptoms


If you want your skeletal system to stay healthy, then, do not hesitate or neglect any of the bone related symptoms or pain. Immediately take medical advise from an experienced practitioner and try to overcome the condition. Also, maintain a healthy lifestyle for a healthy bone health. You can avoid surgery, stay off of drugs and get back into life , You may use braces for right Posture to help avoiding back pain. It’s easy to adjust for a perfect custom fit and its cushioned ‘soft-feel’ spine makes it comfortable for everyday use.

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