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Can I be Mother after Kidney Transplant?

Written by Ella Stephen

The evolution of pregnancies after kidney transplantation is usually favorable, with no increased risk of graft rejection in the medium and long term. However stable renal function and a latency of 2 years after transplantation are desirable before allowing pregnancy. Hypertensive patients, diabetics or those with serum creatinine greater than 150 mmol / l should be considered too high risk for a pregnancy without adverse effects for the mother and the fetus.

The main risks for moms throughout pregnancy include hypertension, infections and chance of preeclampsia, that is indicated by high bloodstream pressure proteinuria (protein within the urine), and worsening kidney function. Schaefer stated the chance of rejection from the adopted kidney, if supervised carefully and shows stable function, is extremely low. Prematurity and occasional birth weight would be the two primary risks towards the newborn, she added.

Moms are informed against breast-feeding due to the medicines they’re needed to consider publish transplant, but Schaefer stated that does not appear to become a large problem. All her patients who continued to provide birth are getting the “normal mother experience” and continuing to move forward within their lives. By controlling these factors you can be mom .

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