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Check the growth of foetus regularly

Written by Ella Stephen

Pregnancy is a very special thing and if it is happening for the first time then it becomes extra special for people who are becoming new parents.

But when one becomes pregnant they have to be extra careful because in these nine months tenure there is another life growing inside the body and one has to take every step keeping that in mind. The moment one realises that they have conceived they must go and visit a gynaecologist who will help them in every step throughout these nine months and even after delivery. They will also keep a very keen eye on how the foetus is growing. The doctor can keep a record by tracking baby growth during pregnancy video in order to check whether the growth of the foetus is happening properly or if there are any kinds of discrepancies there.

Apart from that, the gynaecologist takes care of everything when a woman is pregnant. They keep a check on their diet plans and regular lifestyle of a woman when they are pregnant because these have to be checked properly in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

  • There is a myth stating that when one is pregnant, one has to eat for 2 people as another life is growing inside. This is simply rubbish. One just needs to eat healthy and the way they eat that has to be changed. One needs to eat more protein and carbohydrates along with fish (which has omega 3 fatty acids), well cooked chicken, pasteurised milk, legumes, lentils and fresh vegetables. Also one needs to eat well cooked food and not fried ones because too much fried and spicy food can hamper the easy digestion procedure which can be a problem in pregnancy. One also needs to wash the utensils and hands every time they eat because germs can be a major cause of concern when one is pregnant.
  • Apart from eating good food one should also stop their habits of eating unhealthy food items like street foods, alcohol and caffeinated drinks as they harm the growth of foetus. Instead of that one has to drink fresh fruit juices to maintain the water intake of the body intact.
  • No movement and only taking rest will not help in pregnancy. One needs to be very careful in that. If one is not working then they can go for an evening walk or do some light exercises or yoga on a regular basis to keep their bodies flexible. This will really help during the time of delivery of the baby.

The gynaecologist needs to check baby growth week by week video because they need to see whether the baby is growing in a healthy way or not. Doing repeated ultrasonography at a regular interval can help them to keep the track. If they find any kind of irregularity in the growth of the foetus then they take immediate action by tracing the cause of it. That is why; regular monitoring in pregnancy is needed.

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