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Choosing Between Cartomisers and Bottled E-Juice

Written by Ella Stephen

When you smoke electronic cigarettes, the vapour or smoke produced by the e-cig is made from the liquid, called e-liquid or e-juice, part of the electronic cigarette. The e-juice not only serves to deliver the flavour of the cigarette, but most e-liquids also contain nicotine. You can buy e-liquid in a cartomiser or in a bottle to refill cartomisers.

E-Juice Cartomisers Vs. Bottles

When you purchase an electronic cigarette kit, they will usually include e-juice cartomisers to use in the e-cigarette. Depending on how much you vape, or smoke, most cartomisers will contain the equivalent of 20 to 30 tobacco cigarettes. Most companies that sell cartomisers offer them in packs of at least five, but others will offer larger packages, sometimes up to 50 cartomisers.

The main benefit to using cartomisers is convenience. They are far easier to carry with you when you’re travelling than the bottles and supplies you would need to refill cartomisers. If you are on a business trip or holiday, you can carry a pack of cartomisers with you and they take up no more space than a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

E-Juice Bottles

Most companies that sell e-juice in New Zealand offer it in bottles of various sizes. The most common size bottle is 10 ml, which allows vapers to smoke equal to 80 to 100 tobacco cigarettes, depending on how frequently they vape. If you are concerned about the economics of smoking tobacco cigarettes, you will save a significant amount of money by switching to bottled e-juice.

With a 25-pack of cigarettes costing about $40 AUD and a bottle of e-liquid about $12 AUD, you can save up to $148 AUD by purchasing the e-liquid. While learning to refill cartomisers can be messy, the cost savings they get makes it worth the effort for most e-cigarette users. Once they know how to refill their cartomisers, very few vapers go back to using pre-filled cartomisers because they can pre-fill their own and save money.

The Best Choice for You

If you have switched to vaping, choosing between cartomisers and e-liquid bottles depends on personal preference. Many people like the convenience of purchasing pre-filled cartomisers instead of having to refill their own. If you are vaping in order to save money, however, you will get more cost savings by purchasing refillable cartomisers and learning how to refill them with e-juice.

Flavour Variety

Many e-cig users enjoy the vast variety of flavours offered by many companies. For smokers who miss the flavour of tobacco, they can purchase e-liquid that tastes like regular cigarette tobacco or they can buy it in menthol flavour. E-juice is also available in coffee, soft drink, dessert, spirits and candy flavours as well.

Switching to e-cigs not only save money, but it also reduces the risk of developing the diseases associated with tobacco cigarettes. There has been no link found between vaping and cancer, emphysema or any other diseases. You just have to decide your preferred method of using e-juice.

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