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Clinton Dentist –Top 3 Instances When You Require a Root Canal Treatment

Written by Ella Stephen

Like most residents in Clinton, Maryland, you probably come across the term ‘endodontics’. Most people know to this dental treatment as root canal. You dentist may even recommend you undergo this procedure if you are suffering from severe tooth decay. In this treatment, the medical expert attending you removes the pulp from your bad tooth. He/she will then clean the surrounding areas with a dental disinfectant and seal it with a composite filling. Taking such a step is necessary to ensure there is no bacterial infection. It may come a surprise for you to know that it one of the most common dental operations in America.

Clinton dentist – When do you need to undergo a root canal treatment?

Prominent dentists in the United States say most people have a serious misconception about root canal treatments. They assume it is very painful procedure that can do more damage than good. This is far from the truth. Such professionals point out this dental operation can help save your natural tooth. It is better option than taking a tooth extraction. They explain that a proficient Clinton dentist with the necessary skills and experience will suggest you opt for this procedure in the following 3 instances:

  1. Severe tooth decay

Tooth decay may appear in many different forms. Most people know them as cavities. In such cases, the bacteria residing in your mouth secrete an acid which eats away your bad tooth. In the initial stages you may not notice it as infection only affects only the enamel. However, if you neglect going to a reliable dentist to treat decay on time, it can penetrate the inner layers. Once the disease reaches the pulp, you could experience excruciating pain. You can even have problems biting or chewing. This is because it affects the sensitive nerves and surrounding blood vessels.

  1. Repeating dental procedures

You may undergo numerous dental treatments on the same tooth under the supervision of a Clinton dentist. Such instances occur when this professional need to remove one of your old fillings, treat the decay and replace a new one. You could also be an unfortunate victim of an accident where you end up damaging you tooth. Whatever the cause, you increase the risk of having to take a root canal treatment at a later stage.

  1. Large fillings

Your tooth may require large filling when the dentist you go to does not treat the cavity. Dental professionals consider a filling which covers approximately 1/3 of a patient’s bad tooth to be large. Over time the decay can become worse. In the worst-case scenarios, the damage so extensive that it threatens the structure of the tooth and the filling. If the decay reaches the pulp, the chances of a bacterial infection increases. In such a case, a root canal treatment is the only solution to save your tooth.

The above 3 cases make it necessary for you to undergo a root canal treatment. However, you need to ensure a proficient Clinton dentist perform the procedure. Only such an expert has the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to save your tooth. It can go a long way in restoring your natural smile.

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