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Colorectal Cancer Can Be Detected Early by a Simple Colonoscopy

Colorectal cancer is a serious type of cancer but one that you can catch early if you do the right thing. Perhaps the most important tip that you can follow is to get a colonoscopy every ten years. Colorectal cancer is slow-moving but people who forego getting colonoscopies may find that it’s too late once they finally get one. The most difficult part of getting a colonoscopy is the preparation beforehand because the bowels have to be cleaned out well in order for the test to be effective. Your doctor will give you a liquid that you must drink in its entirety and it cleans out the colon completely so that the colonoscopy can detect any problems that might be present.

Getting Ready Is the Key

In order for a colonoscopy to be efficient, there can be no faeces whatsoever in the colon, which means that it needs to be cleaned out completely before the procedure is done. Usually for at least 24 hours before the colonoscopy, no food consumption is allowed and you are usually given medication that essentially gives you diarrhoea so that the colon can be cleaned out. You can drink water and certain other liquids, such as honey and some fruit drinks, and if you are on any type of medication, you should consult with your physician to see if you are still able to take it during the preparation period. You can consume broth and other liquid meals but you have to stop everything except water for the six hours leading up to the procedure. A good preparation for a colonoscopy in Singapore is imperative because if the colon isn’t completely cleaned out the procedure will be sabotaged or, worse, you will have to reschedule it and repeat the process.

Trust the Physicians for Additional Assistance

The preparation period for a colonoscopy is not necessarily complex or difficult but it must be done right in order for the procedure itself to work right. Regardless of your gender, your health, or the medication that you are on, the preparation must be done correctly so if you have any questions or concerns about either the preparation or the colonoscopy, it is best to speak with your doctor about it. When it comes to the actual colonoscopy, the procedure is painless because you will be given medication that eliminates any pain or discomfort. The procedure is also very fast and the recovery time is short. Colonoscopies are outpatient procedures so you will only stay in the clinic for a short time and then you can go home.

Colonoscopies are important, especially for people who have a history of colorectal cancer in their families. Preparing for your colonoscopy is perhaps the most important part of the entire procedure but if you know what to expect and consult with your physician on anything that you are unsure of, there will be no need to be nervous. Regular colonoscopies recommended by your doctor are important if you want to catch colorectal cancer early; fortunately, the entire process is much easier than many people think.

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