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Dealing with the issue of shortness of breath when you are pregnant

Written by Ella Stephen

Pretty much on the lines of epilepsy medicine pregnancy, you need to be aware on the exact reasons for the shortness of breath. Are you in a position where you feel that you are not getting a lot of air? At the same time do you find the ankles swollen? This is an ample sign that you have reached the third trimester of your pregnancy. The first thing that you need to undertake at this point of time would be to stop worrying. Water retention along with shortness of breath is a common symptom when you are pregnant, and in the last few weeks of your pregnancy this seldom happens. All these symptoms could point to some form of symptom, but rarely those tends to occur.

Like neurological disorders in pregnancy you need to get into the depth of it. Once you are in the last trimester of pregnancy the growing baby in the uterus puts considerable pressure on the diaphragm. From the pre pregnancy position it is around 4 centimetres. The lungs tend to be in a state of compression. What all this means would be that you are able to take as much air as possible.

In no way it does point to the fact that you are getting lesser amount of oxygen. The capacity of the lung increases due to the physical constraint that the growing uterus puts on it. The body is also known to expand the volume of blood to make it a point that the baby is getting more than enough amount of oxygen. There are various ways by which you can go on to manage the shortness of breath. A few remedial measures are as follows

A good posture is a definite must

When you are standing make it a point that you have a good posture with the head lifted.


With aerobic exercise it lowers down your pulse and improves breathing. Do make sure that any program that you go on to start has the approval of the doctor. In case if you have not started practicing yoga this would be the apt time to start with prenatal yoga. For yoga practice breathing is important, and with extra amount of stretching it would improve your posture and in the process you are given more time to breathe.

You could choose any form of exercise, but the message would be doing not overdo things. Listen to what your body has to tell you.


This may sound to be a lot easy than done. When you are facing with issues of shortness of breath just relax. This works true. The more anxious you do become about shortness of breath the more shallow it is going to become. When you need rest it also becomes important that you get the much needed rest.

The key is not to do overdo anything.  Listen to what your body has to say and follow it. This will aid in the process of recovery.

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