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Dental implant option has really made life easy for people with missing teeth

Written by Ella Stephen

No matter if it’s a child or elderly individual, almost everyone needs to visit a dentist’s clinic at some point in life.  Dental treatments like dental implants, root canal procedure, and tooth filling are the most commonly performed procedures at dental clinics. People also visit dentists for tooth cleaning, teeth polishing, managing irregularly grown teeth, and getting treatment for cavities and toothache.

Thanks to advanced medical science, dental procedures have considerably simplified compared to procedures followed during the 90s. Missing teeth can badly impact your oral health, but thanks to development of advanced dental implant surgery procedure, you can get replacement teeth that would work as good as your old one.

As part of the dental implant procedure, material is laid on the jawbone (place occupied by roots in usual tooth). Then, replacement crown is fitted in that layer so that the overall structure appears as new tooth.

Replacement teeth must have sturdy and strong foundation in order to offer long life. So, a biocompatible material like titanium is used as implant material.

People from all age groups (18 years of age and above) can opt for dental implants. No matter if you are missing just one tooth or multiple of them. Even individuals who have lost all their teeth because of decay can opt for dental replacement option.

Teeth restructured with dental implant procedure look just like natural ones. They feel and function like natural teeth as well. This allows individuals to get back their lost smile and improve their oral health even when they have crossed fifty years of age.

Until the beginning of last decade, dentists used to recommend implanting dental bridges as dental implant procedure was still in research stage. These bridges supported natural teeth, but had very short life. Plus, this procedure also involved grinding of teeth next to the affected/missing tooth. Thus, the procedure involved damaging some healthy teeth as well.

On the other hand, dental implants offer life-long solution. It prevents bone loss and promotes natural bone growth. Patients do not have to worry about any kind of tooth fall out.  Implanted teeth also allow individuals to enjoy all sorts of food items, including those tough nuts.

Additional maintenance is not required for implanted teeth; all that you need to do is usual tooth brushing, flossing, cleaning, and timely dental checkups.

Is dental implant surgery simple?

Only dentists with high-level experience and skills can perform the dental implant procedure in appropriate manner.

Opt for free consultation and visit the concerned clinic to see the overall atmosphere. Interact with specialists and see if they are able to answer your concerns in simplest way possible. Their specialists should be able to explain the entire procedure, step-by-step, including expected allergies and side-effects after surgery.

Complete recovery after the surgery may take few weeks of time, depending on your oral health conditions.

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