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Dr. Alton IngramThrows Light on the Factors That People Need To Consider When Opting For Cosmetic Surgeries

Written by Ella Stephen

Medical experts say the popularity of cosmetic surgeries is increasing even among people of diverse socioeconomic status. They predict this trend will continue for years to come. Some of them point out that the advances in technology in this field are responsible for being about this change in recent decades. This has led to a reduction in the prices of such operations. However, these experts still insist people who are thinking of opting for such treatments need to conduct a thorough research and find out as much as possible before taking a final decision.

Dr. Alton Ingram – Top 4 factors you need to consider when opting to take cosmetic surgeries

Dr. Alton Ingram is a popular reconstructive plastic surgeon from Nashville, Tennessee wills valuable years of experience in carrying out various kinds of cosmetic procedures. This William Randolph Hearst Foundation scholar from Yale University has a reputation ensuring the best interests of his patients in all the operations he performs. He has been successful in exceeding his clients’ expectations on several occasions. This is the reason why he is a prominent figure in the medical fraternity in America. He is a member of a number of esteemed organizations such as the American Academy for Cosmetic Surgery and American Medical Association. This Juris Doctorate from the University of California also has the honor of extending his services to prominent humanitarian organizations such as Operation Smile, Doctors Without Borders and Habitat for Humanity.

This surgeon points out that people need to consider the following 4 important facts before taking a decision on whether to undergo a particular cosmetic surgical procedure:

  • Health of the patient undergoing the treatment

Experts says people who want to undergo cosmetic surgeries need to ask themselves whether they are healthy enough to withstand the procedure. While consult a proficient plastic surgeon, it is important for them to give full details of their medical history including past aliments. A professional with a good reputation in the market will only go ahead after conducting a thorough assessment and considering all the facts. This is because such a specialist is aware of the complications if any goes wrong on operation table. He will obviously make this clear to his/her potential patients.

  • Risk factors

Like other surgical operations, cosmetic procedures have an element of risk. People willing to undergo such treatments should be aware of this fact. Regardless of how advance technology in this field advances, complications may occur in the form of permanent scaring and infections. In certain cases, even the best efforts of the most proficient surgeon specializing in this field cannot prevent such occurrences.

  • Cost considerations

Plastic surgeries are not cheap despite a considerable reduction in the prices of such treatments in recent decades. People undergoing such procedures need to ensure they have enough money to pay for such operations and follow-up treatments. They may get heath insurance cover for such treatment depending on the type of policies they opt to takes.

  • Realistic Expectations

People opting to undergo cosmetic surgeries need to realistic about their expectation from such operations. There is no hard and fast rule that treatment which works wonders for one person will have the same result on another.

Dr. Alton Ingram says cosmetic surgeries can go a long way in enhancing the image of people who opt to undergo such treatments. However, they need to keep in mind the above 4 factors because the end result may not always be to their satisfaction. This is because a surgeon is can control what is happen in the operation theater but not the ultimate outcome.

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