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Explain Lasik Vs Lasek Methods

Written by Ella Stephen

Lasik and Lasek are two eye surgeries that are very common now a day. Both of them are laser based and thus have similarities. But there is a bit of difference between these two methods. Lasek and Lasik are types of brother and sister which can yield the vision of the eye. We will be finding some of the differences between these two methods and will know about them in details.

About the Lasek surgery

Lasek eye surgery: The acronym of this method is the laser assisted subepithelium keratomileuissis. It is the method by which the surgeon reaches the stroma part of the eye and helps it to reshape. Stroma is the mid layer of the cornea, and the reshaping part is being done here. By replacing the epithelium, the doctor will deal with the stroma and will get it replaced by the epithelium. Thus the eye heals with the epithelium settling at the position and getting the right shape and solution to the eye.

Lasik Is a Bit Different

On the other hand, in Lasik eye surgery the method to reach the mid layer is different. First, a type of laser is being used to create a corneal flap, and once the reshaping of the stroma is being done, the flap is being replaced, and thus it heals on its own. Thus it is a bit different from the Lasek one.

While we are talking about Lasik vs. Lasek, then the recovery time becomes an important factor to be considered. The Lasek treated patients needs one or two weeks’ duration to heal up, whereas the Lasik treated patients need only 48 hours to heal and get recovered. Thus for this difference also the latter one is much more preferred than the previous one. Most of the people prefer the laser one for its fast healing capacity and less time involvement.

There Are More to Consider

Now when we are talking about the stability of the surgery, then the Lasek one is much more stable than any other one. As it does not involve any creation of a flap, it is much more stable. Some people who are having thick cornea have to opt for the Lasek which will be beneficial for them to undergo. And Lasek is perfect for the thin cornea patients opting for the laser eye surgeries. People have to consult with professional surgeons who deal with the eye surgeries. They can help you to suggest the right way and the perfect treatment for your eye issue.

Discussing the difference between the two methods we are now sure that there is some difference between these two methods. They are the one which is different in their functions and also in their way of working. So it is not us who will decide which one to opt for, but the doctor who will decide which one to opt for. So it is better to leave the decision making to your doctor rather than making it yourself. Sometimes there are many factors which are responsible for choosing the way of surgery that one requires having.

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