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Factors that affect Heroin to stay in your System

Written by Ella Stephen

What is Heroin and how does it affect your system?

Heroin is a highly addictive drug that is made of morphine. It is extracted from the seed of plant named opium poppy. It is an opioid and due to its euphoric effects it got popular and is used as a recreational drug. When injected into one’s body, snorted or smoked it enters rapidly into the brain and binds with opioid receptors on cells located in many areas acts as pain reliever and cough suppressant. In most of the countries it is used as opioid replacement therapy. An overdose may lead to liver failure and death of the person. However how long does heroin stay in your system depends on many factors?

List of Factors that affect Heroin to stay in your system:

Well it is a matter of fact that no one can predict how long heroin stays in one’s body when injected, snorted or smoked. As we know every individual has their own appetite and metabolism, but few lack it and suffer a lot. Same is the case with Heroin directly attacks the brain by entering into the blood stream within fraction of seconds and is thus stated as highly addictive drug.

  • It merely depends on the quantity of dose the user had consumed. The more the dose the longer it stays in his blood stream.
  • The other factor is the how frequent the user uses this drug. If he is an occasional user then he can metabolize the drug quickly but if the user is using it from a long time ago then he will be capable to tolerate it for a longer time as the drug gets accumulated underneath the body’s fatty tissues.
  • There are actually two types of Heroin-high quality and low quality. The higher quality Heroin is more potent even the small amount of it is taken and stays for longer time while the low quality Heroin is adulterated often with milk powder, sugar, cornstarch or any other similar substances which makes it less potent but stays in the body for a short time.
  • The other factor which affects the stay of Heroin in one’s system is the person’s age. It gets quickly metabolized in younger than the older one’s as they have better physical conditions.
  • The Heroin users who have healthy kidneys, liver and follow a good balanced diet with plenty of liquids are more likely to stay well-hydrated and the drug is processed in them very effectively.
  • The one who exercises regularly will have more efficient metabolism than the user who are sedentary.
  • The other factors which affect how long does heroin stay in your system are various prescribed medications, they may either speed up or delay your metabolism, thus the time of drug in your body may alters depending on the other drugs taken.


Heroin is a highly active drug that is a natural extraction taken from the seed of opium poppy plant. It instantly flows into your blood stream and the duration of drug in your system depends mainly on the dose taken, age of the person, potency, diet, physical fitness and other various substances which are taken along with the drug.

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