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Grab Bars Support the Needs of the Elderly

Written by Ella Stephen

Grab bars or rails are used in the bathtub or shower to help older people or disabled individuals maintain their footing. You can find the bars in bathtubs, public bathroom stalls, clinics, and hospitals. They are also used frequently in the homes of elderly people who wish to remain independent.

Some Ways the Rails Are Used

The rails can be used by people with weakened knees. They are often used as aides when people rise from a commode. They can also be used as a support in the shower for people who need to lean on something while washing. The bars can therefore be adapted to support a variety of mobility functions and needs.

As people get older, they slow down and tend to move differently. Therefore, they can have difficulty getting out of a tub or shower. With a grab rail, the process becomes easy again. Since you can place the rails about anywhere in a shower, you can grab on the supports at standing level or at waist height. You also can have an aide when stepping out of a shower.

Also, anyone who prefers to bathe in a bathtub can use a grab bar to pull themselves up. Mansfield mobility equipment grab bars are quite durable as well. In fact, the bar can be used by people who weigh as much as 17 stones.

Reinforce Your Bathroom or Shower

The support provides the extra incentive needed to keep older people safe. Grab bars and rails come in various shapes and sizes, too. Therefore, you can find a specialised solution for your bathroom, shower, or wherever you need to install the mobility supports.

Grab bars are essential pieces of equipment for any disabled person or older individual who either lives on their own or stays at home. You can also install the rails for children to protect them from slipping and falling in the tub.


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