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Healthcare Trends That According to Steven Scansaroli Will Make a Bold Move in 2018

Written by Ella Stephen

As the developing forces keep changing, there is a paradigm shift in the healthcare facility and design. Usually a complicated design, things are only getting complicated with time. Newer technologies are coming in, and also there has been changing regulations regarding the treatment policies and shifting patients. There are multiple forums on which discussions have been carried out. Also, the health executives have put up multiple posts on social networking sites like Facebook and many more.

Be it the emergency hospitals or the private nursing homes; the amenities have been thoroughly carried out in a uniform pattern. With the evolving regulations and segregated payment models, the entire healthcare industry has been designed to make it more dynamic.

How Healthcare Industry Is Going Bold- Steven Scansaroli Gives His Opinion

Even the healthcare industry has taken up the visual branding so that they can offer better features. Rather than the physical health, Steve Scansaroli believes that mental health has found more intensity in the recent times. Cognitively impaired patients do need special treatment, and the multi-specialty units are making separate arrangements for them. As these patients will require a longer tenure of stay, the hospitals are continuously adding features to make it comfortable.

As the technologies are developing daily, even the hospitals are incorporating the Virtual Reality in their tool design. The ability to use the VR goggles and headsets to have a perfect 3D view during the surgeries has enhanced the safety features. Apart from this, even the micro hospitals are gaining some ground. New operational centers are gaining prominence across the US, and they tend to deliver services, similar to larger and reputed hospitals. As the accidental cases have increased, the necessity of OPDs has increased giving the popularity to micro-hospitals.

Telehealth is another significant section that has been coming to the news. This has also allowed the in-home healthcare patients to rise by almost 13%. Utilizing the specialized branches finding any recommendation of in departments like radiology, psychiatry, and dermatology can now be achieved from the specialists without even visiting the hospitals. The inconvenience of any sort has been dealt with, and people are given all the resources to make treatment much more comfortable. Capitalizing on the telehealth services, the more the hospitals incorporate, the better it gets for the patients and their families. There are several other sectors which have made the best use of the technology. And hospitals can bring in a huge change in lobbies, common spaces and even the admission areas with the health of telehealth services.

According to Steve Scansaroli, more than 10,000 people will turn 65 every single day, for the next two decades. So the pressure that is going to build upon the hospitals can be understood. To cope up with this probable huge influx of patients, the hospitals need to utilize the open space and increase the staff on board. It isn’t as easy as it seems to be, and these changes prove to be promising enough.

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