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How Breast Enlargement Surgery Improves Your Personal Life

Breast Enlargement Surgery
Written by Ella Stephen

Breast enlargement can change the woman’s physique, but can it also affect your personal life? According to various researches and studies conducted by the scientists, the answer is “yes”. Reputed agencies like the Real Self have conducted an experiment on women. They polled two groups of women who had breast implants in the past and the ones without breast implants. The results were that most of the women who had breast augmentation had better love lives and their bonding with the partner is stronger than before. It is not that those having breast enlargements have more intimacy, but they experienced more love from their partner.

Reports of Increased Intimacy and Pleasures of Love

The agency Real Self has conducted a poll in the year 2012 among all the visitors to their website those who had conducted breast surgery. According to the data generated after the poll, more than 60% of the women have improved personal life and have better physical bonding with their partner after the surgery. In addition to this, 70% of the participants in the poll have experienced better physical satisfaction and 28% reported that they have good love lives after the surgery. The breast implants are used to increase the size of the breast and thus getting a better physical appearance.

Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast Implants and Physical Satisfaction

Women who suffer from saggy breasts often realize that their partners do not love them anymore or their partners are going for external affairs or physical satisfaction. Implants are of two types – saline and silicone breast implants. They are implanted inside the original tissue of the breast. Along with improving the size and shape, the firmness of breast also gets improved. You will be getting a firm breast and you will look more beautiful. Your partner will feel proud to walk beside you, thus satisfying your partner mentally and physically. This can be explained practically by an example. A study was done on women between the age limit of 21 to 57 years who have underwent breast implant surgery. Before the surgery was done, the women were asked several questions regarding their self-esteem, personal life, intimacy and self-perceptions. After the implantation, more than 78% of the women claim to have better physical desires, 57% have increased physical satisfaction and 81% have increased physical attraction.

Confidence Is The Main Key:

The individuals, who undergo the breast implants, enjoy their physical live better. But what is the magic behind those implants? The main thing is the confidence. The patients who have undergone the breast augmentation have experienced a different lifestyle. They can now go out in confidence and meet with new people. Women who have used the breast implants are happier with the bodies than before. The women who have undergone breast enlargement have more confidence with their body and also receive good comments from others.

Thus, plastic surgery like the breast implant is gaining importance these days as it improves personal life and adds twist in love.

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