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How Can Implants Improve Your Mouth

Written by Ella Stephen

When you notice that your teeth have become chipped, then it is a good idea to have this tooth removed and replaced with an implant. Or you might have had a tooth knocked out whilst you were playing a contact sport such as rugby or boxing. This missing tooth can also be replaced by an implant.

It is going to improve your life immeasurably when you have an implant. There are many things that you will struggle with when you have missing or chipped teeth.

How can implants improve your mouth?

You Can Wear A Gumshield Properly

When you are playing sports such as rugby, you will need to wear a gum shield. This is going to protect your teeth in the event of a collision and your smile will remain intact.

However, when you have missing teeth, it might be very difficult to wear the gum shield that you need.

You Can Chew Food Properly

Chewing your food is only possible when you have a full set of working teeth. Chipped or missing teeth can make this seemingly simple task quite difficult. You might not be able to enjoy many of the harder foods that you have previously enjoyed such as bread and apples.

  • Once the implants have been installed, you will have strong enough teeth to chew all of your food properly, which will increase your enjoyment of meal times. The implant can be installed by a fully qualified dentist.

You Will Be Able To Smile With Confidence

Chipped and missing teeth can affect your confidence because you might not want to smile at all. This might make you avoid socialising with your friends and your family.

  • The implants will be able to restore your confidence when you are smiling. The dentist will make sure that the implants have been installed correctly. They will also perform a check-up to see that everything is working perfectly.

You Will Not Have Any Of The Discomfort That Is Caused By Chipped Or Missing Teeth

Chipped and missing teeth can cause quite a high level of discomfort because the shape of your mouth and jaw can be altered. This pain can be distracting or debilitating.

  • Implants can make your mouth feel much more comfortable than it was before and you will no longer have any pain.

Article Conclusion

You do not need to bear with the problem when you have teeth that are chipped or missing. Instead of ignoring the issue, you should book an appointment with a dentist. They can install implants that are going to restore your smile and make your mouth feel comfortable. People who know that you have had teeth trouble will be amazed at the transformation and they will compliment you on your brand new smile.

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