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Written by Ella Stephen

It’s not strange to realize how so much has changed thanks to advancements in science and technology. Things we take for granted now would seem like wizardry to people of the past. Imagine if you’ve been living in a cave for the past 20 years and have only emerged now. You would be shocked to see all the changes that the world and its inhabitants have experienced. These advancements don’t only affect the industries where they rise from, but every single thing on this planet.

Before you get scared if the plot line of Terminator where technology wages an all-out war on humanity comes true, you’ll be relieved to find out that future is still fictional. While some misguided world leaders still order the creation of nuclear weapons to able to decimate entire nations, for the most part, science has been helpful. There are few areas though where the advancement in technology has been quite drastic.

The Magic in Medicine

One area where technology has progressed exponentially is through health and medicine. In the ages before today, medicine was primitive, to say the least. Let’s take the Renaissance for example. Arts and culture may have experienced a golden age, but when it came to medicine, it was still left in the dark. No wonder the black plague became what it was. Now, there are medicines for almost everything. Surgeries are now more effective and safe thanks to technology. In fact, services like telomere shortening enable you to see your true age. Daily vitamins are also a result of biotechnology innovation. Now, defense against any sickness is easy and convenient.

The Communication Wave

The way we speak to each other has also changed by a lot. When the first mobile phone came out, it was a revolutionary way to communicate with one another. The original cell phone may have been as big as a brick, but it paved the way for a new niche of telephones. Now, most people live their entire lives on their smartphones. They can communicate the old school way by call or text, or they can do other means like video call, social media messaging, and even posting photos of where they are. Sometimes it’s even too easy to speak to one another. Work can now follow you around even closer now that messaging has gotten faster.

The Entertainment Juggernaut

What was the first movie you watched with special effects? It might have been old films like E.T. or Jaws. If you compare how those flicks are made compare to the ones today, you’ll notice how almost everything has gone digital. Back then, people had to make the monsters they were filming. Today, it can all be done on a computer screen. Entertainment has also gotten more accessible. You can now watch movies on your smartphone or tablet.

Science has definitely improved our lives for the better. We’re healthier and live longer because of it. We just have to make sure to always use technology for the benefit of mankind.


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