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How To Choose The Right Running Shoes

Written by Ella Stephen

Even if you might not be an athlete, knowing something like this can never be a bad thing. First of all, everyone who is interested in anything concerning podiatry or has leg issues, you should visit There, you will find anything that might interest you, and you can even schedule an appointment.

Different shoes

Since the public today is interested more in the looks of different shoes than their comfort-ability, it is no wonder that many times we buy shoes that do not fit us perfectly. Not wearing shoes that are created for our feet can cause a lot of problems.

Choosing the right footwear is essential for healthy feet

Picking out the shoes that you like is important, but it is also very important for you to get the ones that are comfortable and fit perfectly. This especially applies to people who like to run or lead an active life. You should already know that having just one pair of shoes in which you do everything as an athlete and in your daily life is not such a good idea.


The running shoes can be split into three groups, the stability shoes, motion control shoes and the neutral shoes. Historically, people have been told that there are three main types of feet, the pronated foot, flat feet and normal feet.

It is still unknown where this categorization came from, and there is a conception that it might have come from the work of Colonel Harris and Major Beath, way back in 1947. One thing you need to keep in mind is that if you are an athlete this is something you should already know.

There are many things that can cause us to feel pain in our feet

Before knowing if the model of the shoes are appropriate, the perception that it is based on needs to be analyzed:

  1. The predictive injury, pronation

Many magazines and running stores have their mind fixed on pronation. There are a lot of shoes that are marked with respect as they are able to control pronation. However, there have been no studies to link the foot type with the injury.

  1. Lining individuals identically (normal)

When talking about the alignment that is ideal, what does that mean? It is still not known, as the word normal is probably not used as it should be. As far as the normal feet categorization goes, it has been shown that most people have slightly pronated feet.

  1. Feet shape

There are many researches about the link between static feet measures and the dynamic functions. A variety of method that assesses the shape of our feet, the posture and arch height has been investigated, and the conclusion is that there is no association between the two.

  1. Running shoe technology

This can be generalized in two categories, and they offer cushioning. This is seen as essential for the high impacts that we get when we run, which can cause a lot of injuries if done improperly. There have been many researches talking about this topic, so for those who are interested, just search for it online.

Final word

One thing you need to remember at all times is that just like you would see a doctor when you feel unwell, you also need to see your podiatrist when you feel pain in your legs. For those who need a suggestion, the best choice is to get help from a Podiatry Randwick by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry. Just make sure to visit your podiatrist as soon as possible, since a simple sprain can end up causing much more harm later.

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