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How to Pick a Breast Implant Size

Written by Ella Stephen

After deciding to have a breast augmentation (breast implants), the next step is to consider size. The staff at Hotchandani Laser & Vein Center in Wisconsin understand that deciding upon implant size is a very personal choice with a lot of variables that must be considered. To help with the decision making process, here are a few tips and insights that women have found helpful when choosing breast implant sizes.

  1. Try Not to Think about Cup Size

Because bras are purchased by cup and band sizes, it is natural to think about breasts the same way. Unfortunately cup sizes vary between manufacturers and women wear bras in different ways. A D-cup to one woman may be a C-cup to the next. Think about your implants as they relate to your body. Do you want them to fit the rest of your body, be larger, be much larger, etc.? How much cleavage do you want and how do you want clothes to fit? Think in terms of appearance, not numbers.

  1. Think about Your Lifestyle

The larger your breasts are, the more they will impact your life. If you are a fitness buff, overly large breast implants can interfere with everything from lifting to running. Think about your job, your hobbies, and your family life when considering what size implants you want.

  1. Consider Your Personality

Think about how your breasts affect your personality and how your personality might impact your choice of implant size. Are you outgoing or introverted? Do you like attention or not? How will your breast size impact the perceptions of others around you? How will your breast size impact your career? How do you want to be perceived by people who don’t know you and how will implants affect first impressions? Don’t make decisions based on what other people think, but rather on how you want to project your personality in various situations.

  1. Ask for Help

There is nothing wrong with bringing a trusted friend, a family member, or a spouse to a sizing session. While your doctor can be helpful during the sizing process (such as telling you a maximum size your body can accommodate), having someone around who knows you well can be invaluable. They can not only help with sizing, but can help you gather information and ask the right questions as well.

The Bottom Line

Breast implants, for the most part, are permanent, so weigh your options carefully. If you need to take time out to consider the process, then your surgeon will be understanding. If you need more than one sizing session before you decide, that’s fine too. You are in charge of the whole process, from start to finish, so don’t be afraid to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure you get the results you want.

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