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How to Remain Healthy In winter?

Written by Ella Stephen

Fill vitamins and food supplements to withstand winter diseases or take care of his body to avoid depression and fatigue, to each his way to cross the cold season, bypassing the doctor check box.

How to fight against everyday viruses?

Clean your hands several times a day, always after using the bathroom, after blowing your nose or after attending a public place (transport, cinemas, supermarkets …).
Treat your home with an antibacterial household product emphasizing closets and door handles.
Do not heat your home too. Limit the indoor temperature at 20 ° C to prevent bacteria growth. Renew the air in your home 10 minutes a day.
Stock up on vitamins (A, C, E) and minerals (zinc, magnesium, selenium) to boost your immune system. There are cures available in supermarkets and pharmacies sold without prescription.
Get enough sleep and regular hours. Give yourself during the day, the relaxation times or recuperative nap, short (no more than 20 min) and not too late (before 14h).
Eat a balanced diet rich in fish, meat, cereals, fruits and vegetables in season, to give your body the energy and nutrients it needs and avoid some deficiencies that weaken the body.
Protect your body from sudden temperature changes. Pull hat, gloves, scarf and heavy coat to protect you from the cold outside. Apply anti-drying creams on the face and hands.
Practice a regular exercise to keep your tone and activate your metabolism throughout the winter.

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