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Javanese Massage, a Traditional Asian Massage Proven To make you Feel Rejuvenated

Written by Ella Stephen

Javanese is a term used for to represent the Indonesian ethnic group that is also considered to be the most dominant. This culture has proven to influence the national culture of Indonesia to a great extent. The term ‘Javanese’ came from the name of the island (Java) where this culture originated and is found. This island is roughly considered to be the size of The Great Britain. The entire homeland of Javanese is divided into the Central Java and the East Java provinces. The total population of on this island counts up to approximately 60-80 million and is believed to constitute for about 40% of the total population of Indonesia.

Traditional Javanese Massage

The Traditional Javanese Massage is a form of Asian Massage that is practiced by making use of the different and all parts of a hand. The useof different hand parts includesthe back of the hand, the elbow as well as the knuckles to provide 100% power and comfort the massage and the muscles respectively. This massage as all other types of massages is practiced to relieve the person receiving it form all kinds of tensions and to comfort its muscles. The Javanese Massage is also believed to repair bone fractures.

What Are the Benefits of Javanese Massage?

People suffering from a number of muscle and bone injuries and pains can seek relief by availing the benefits of this traditional massage. The massage improves the blood circulation. It helps the body to get rid of all kinds of tensions and eases the muscles to work better.

Javanese massage makes use of different types of massage oil.  Use of Volcanic Basalt Stones is often made to provide constant heat to the body as these stones have the ability to give away consistent heat making the receiver feel rejuvenated and more connected to the nature. The heat from the stone reduces inflammation and in case of fractures or other bone and muscle injuries, accelerates the healing. Use of volcanic basalt stones also improves nervous system functioning and blood vessels.

Cost and additional features of the Javanese Massage

A normal Javanese Massage costs a person up to 80$ per session that lasts for 60 minutes. Booking for a Javanese Massage with compression of the hot tone costs 85% for a session of 60 minutes. If you are looking to get a Javanese Massage from the experts in the field, you need to advanced book your date. The masseuse requires you to bring two large size towels and one small size towel long with your own mattress for the session.

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