Katherine Dee MD Says Stop Shaving and Start Laser Hair Removal Today!

Laser Hair Removal
Written by Ella Stephen

Shaving is one of the most tedious and dangerous habitual grooming activities. It can lead to wounds, scars, permanent blemishes on the skin and countless other unwanted side effects.

Despite having so many problems associated with it, many people would prefer the complications of shaving to having to deal with the embarrassing matter of unwanted body hair. They utilize every means to seek temporary relief.

The good news is that there are treatments that can remove unsightly hair in a safer manner while providing long-term relief from this unsightly problem. Laser hair removal represents the most advanced and reliable of these treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

Let’s explore how laser hair removal from Glow MediSpa in Seattle can help you skip out on shaving for good.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal employs high-energy laser light to permanently change the way hair follicles grow. It does so in a way that leaves healthy skin and other tissue free of damage, which in turn makes this treatment both simple and safe.

The laser light is tuned to a certain frequency. This allows the light to selectively damage structures of a certain color and density.

When the laser light comes in contact with hair follicles, it transforms that light into heat. This vibrates the hair follicle and damages it before the surface of the skin, which in turn causes the remainder of the hair follicle to thin and become brittle.

The hair thins and falls off. It remains this way for a minimum of three to six months. This allows for efficient, safe and long-term relief from unwanted body hair.

Not All Laser Hair Removal is Created Equal

While the basic principles of laser hair removal are relatively straightforward, the devil is in the details. The frequency of light required to remove hair from the skin of certain patients may not be as straightforward as it would seem.

Skin with a dark pigment that has dark hair may, for example, require a special approach to ensure that the laser can remove the hair without damaging the skin. This is where the skill of Dr. Katherine Dee enters the picture.

Dr. Katherine Dee has a vast amount of experience when it comes to performing laser hair removal. This allows her to deliver effective and safe results that minimize the complications that laser hair removal may have.

It also helps Dr. Katherine Dee minimize the number of treatments that patients must undergo.

These factors culminate in a more effective and safe approach to removing hair from the body, which is why Glow MediSpa in Seattle has so many enthusiastic patients with satisfactory dermatological results.

Laser Hair Removal Can Help You throw the Razor Away

While laser hair removal isn’t for everyone, it is an effective way for many patients to remove the burden of unwanted body hair and stray from the dangers associated with shaving.

To learn more about laser hair removal, or to see if you are a candidate for it, contact Glow MediSpa today. We can schedule a consultation appointment with the extremely skilled Dr. Katherine Dee, which in turn can help you be on your way to smooth skin and freedom from shaving.

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