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Keep Your Teeth in Check with Great Dental Care

Written by Ella Stephen

Unlike sharks, which grow extra rows of teeth over the course of their entire lives, with each tooth that falls from the shark’s mouth being replaced by a new one regardless of their age, humans only have one set of adult teeth. Once you reach maturity, your teeth are there to stay, and you need to take care of them. Yellowed or unhealthy teeth aren’t just unsightly and bad for your self-esteem. They can cause related health problems, such as chronic pain, malnutrition and even abscesses and infections of the mouth, tongue and throat. Maintaining the health of your teeth and mouth should always be a priority, no matter your age, which is why you should regularly see your dentist.

Proactivity Beats Reactivity

While it’s extremely important that your dentist is able to remove or repair damaged teeth, extract misaligned molars or give you a filling when you need one. Prevention is always preferable to a cure. For example, the services offered at focus on disease prevention for people of all ages. Expert dentists can help you to prevent tooth decay and all its associated maladies, like dental caries and root canal infection, with oral health care advice and regular check-ups to stay on top of your dental health. Even children can benefit from prevention techniques such as fissure sealant, which provides a protective coating to preserve the tooth until such time as your child knows how to take care of their oral health properly.


One of the greatest boons ever bestowed upon the British people was the National Health Service, or NHS. Healthcare is not out of the reach of anyone anymore, so you can have your teeth regularly checked with interventional surgery should you need it without worrying about dental bills burning a hole in your wallet. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your teeth are healthy and you won’t have to impoverish yourself to do so is entirely thanks to NHS dentists operating for the good of the nation.

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