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Keeping our teenagers safe

Written by Ella Stephen

Today in 21st century, no one expected what the world is today. What are living in a world which is technically advanced and inventions and innovations are all time around the corners. These new and advanced technologies changed our lifestyle for real. One of the important advancements and technologies we will be discussing today will be social media. Many parents are worried about how social media would affect their children.

We all appreciate the work done by many companies to enhance technologies and making our lives so easy but we sometimes ignore what our teen is learning from all this. We must have noticed a 4 year old using his dad’s phone or 6 year old playing games on his ipad rather than joining his friends outside to play. Some studies show that social media and technological advancements are increasing nervousness and lower teenager’s self-esteem.

Do you know what is the most important and life hacking technology without which we can’t even survive a day? Yes you are right, Internet. Internet has completely changed this world single handedly. Our children can’t spend a single day without getting an access of the internet. Use of internet has a very big argument whether it is heaven for teenagers or is it hell? Using internet has both positive and negative impact on our teens. The difference is marked when the teen’s access to the internet is uncontrollable and unlimited.

Being as their guardians or parents we have to make sure that our teen doesn’t get internet addict. Internet contain a lot of negativity such as; negative and depressing news, sexual contents, religion provoking materials, hacking and spam and many other. If your child is spending more than actual time on using the internet then you should be more active and alert because all these negativity might attract your teen. In this all technical and advanced world, it is very important to keep our teens safe from unwanted and negative usage of technologies which might ruin their life.

In this super advanced world every problem has been provided with a solution which is however very effective but sometimes not very safe. Teens nowadays are facing a lot of social competition wither from their friends or their school mates to look more beautiful, more fit and more physically strong. To alter their physique teens are encouraged to use anabolic steroids. Legal steroids Australia are synthetic drugs which simulate the hormones in human body. These steroids are highly used by athletes in various sports as it is known for its ability to enhance performance level.

Every teen must be addict for any sport and what if his charismatic idol encourages him to use steroids? Steroids are the most powerful drugs and are strictly advised for teens to stay away from it. People aging 23-40 are the candidates for using this drug but teens knowing that their body is still growing up and hasn’t been fully grown wouldn’t be able to accept steroids.

Watching any sport or television is not guilt but being a parent it is our duty to start good teaching from our homes. Our teen should be that much ethical and understandable that even after being encouraged he or she wouldn’t ever take that step.

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