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Written by Ella Stephen

It can be described that audiology is a study of hearing problems and even that of balance disorders. Hearing loss is seen in people of all ages, though it may be more in elderly population. Even children can suffer from hearing loss and the reasons can be many. It is important that you go to the right professional so that the causes of hearing loss can be detected accurately and the problem can be solved at the earliest. Read some more interesting information about audiology here.

An audiologist is the right person

People still do not have an idea whom to approach in case of hearing loss. The problem can be due to many reasons and if you just go to any person, they may just hand over any kind of treatment or in some cases, just any hearing aid. This type of treatment can aggravate the situation further. Thus, when and if you feel you have any kind of hearing problem, or if your child is displaying any sort of hearing disorders, the first and foremost, you need to seek an appointment with an audiologist.

They are doctors but doctors of audiology who have studied doctoral degree and have also completed externship under expert supervision. They also have license as well as national certification. In brief, a doctor of audiology has spent at least 8 years of medical education.  They are thus well knowledgeable about the working of ear, the causes of hearing loss be it mild or greave, the modern devices available for treatment and more. That means, when you have a hearing loss problem and when you seek the advice of an audiologist, chances are that they may even cure you of the problem if it can be. Read some more interesting information about audiology here. But if you are just going to any other person who are not qualified doctors, then you lose this chance of recovery. In some cases, especially in children, it may be possible that he may get the hearing back with proper treatment but this can be made possible only by a trained audiologist.

A hearing aid dispenses is just a technician

It is important to understand that a hearing aid dispense is also a licensed professional but they are not as qualified as an audiologist. They just give out a hearing aid and are not qualified enough to find the cause and the right treatment for people suffering from hearing loss. As compared to them, audiologists help in the correct diagnosis and give a solution. Remember, hearing loss is a major health issue and if not treated well, it can lead to further complications. Thus, it is not just the question of hearing aid when it comes to  the treatment of hearing loss, but you need dot know the reasons behind and that if there is any other course available other than using hearing aid. An audiologist can help you in this path. So, always go to a trained professional who has the knowledge and the authority to treat hearing related problems.

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