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Legal HGH in the USA

Written by Ella Stephen

HGH is commonly used by bodybuilders, celebs, and even by athletes in USA. The reason behind this is HGH helps in gaining the muscle and strength quickly. HGH is produced in the body naturally by pituitary gland. To buy legal HGH in the USA one needs prescription.

The synthetic version of the hormone HGH is first developed in 1985. But in the same year it was banned by FDA. The main reason behind its development was to treat deficiency of GH in children. Later it was also used to treat Turners syndrome.

Other than for health issues, HGH is widely in use for athletics and bodybuilding. It is important to understand the legal status of the HGH in USA before using it.


In 1985, HGH is banned by Food and drug administration in USA. The reason behind this was 1% of the users of HGH experienced serious health issues like fatal brain degenerative disorder. That is why it has been declared that using HGH is illegal for athleticism and for bodybuilding. If used, it can be really dangerous for their health. It is compulsory to have prescription to buy legal HGH in the USA.

Even though it is banned and made illegal in USA there are many users of HGH found here. This is because HGH comes with lot of benefits. Some of them are,

  • Joint strength
  • Healthier skin
  • Great healing properties
  • Reduced fat
  • Anti aging benefits
  • Faster muscle growth

Of course it comes with lot more benefits. But it is better to avoid this and use natural products available which do not come with side effects. Many products like CRAzyBulk’s HGH can produce same effects like HGH and are considered safe.

Legal Status of HGH in the USA:

HGH is banned by FDA in United States. All the anabolic steroids are treated as controlled substance by United States Congress. The hormone called bovine which is a growth hormone, used to enhance milk production is approved in US but it is illegal in many other countries.

HGH is included in the section three act which classifies anabolic steroids as controlled substances. This is the reason using HGH without prescription is considered illegal.

Anyway HGH is not prescribed for bodybuilders. It is only prescribed for few health and medical conditions like growth hormone deficiencies and Turners Syndrome. Most of the suppliers in USA purchase HGH from overseas manufacturers and from underground labs. Among these some of the prominent places from where they purchase this are India, China, Thailand, Pakistan and Mexico. Usually the cost of one month’s supply of HGH will be $1000. Cheaper products are available from Pakistan and India.

Purchasing the HGH injections or pills without having prescription is considered illegal in USA. Along with this, using it for reasons, other than the prescribed ones is also considered illegal in USA. If proper dosage and diet with a good exercise routine in place, you will achieve rapid results in a month of usage of HGH.


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