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Natural organic healthy products for consumption

Written by Ella Stephen

Organic foods, fruits, and vegetables are produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming. Thou these standards vary worldwide but organic farming in general practices strive to cycle resources, promote ecological balance as well as conserving biodiversity.

Some of organic standards boards may regulate or restrict the use of certain pesticides and fertilizers in farming. The organic place produces foods that are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents or synthetic food additives.

The company standards include:

  • The use of renewable resources thus conserving the environment.
  • The conservation of energy, soil and water and using available natural resources.
  • Recognition of livestock welfare and needs.
  • Environmental maintenance and enhancement, while producing optimum quantities of produce without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Why we should eat organic foods

There are so many benefits as to why we should consume the organic place products:

  1. Fewer pesticides used:  the organic place foods are free from chemicals such as insecticides and herbicides thus ensures your safety and a healthy living.
  2. It’s fresher: the fruits and vegetables contain no preservative in them thus one can consume them as they are from the farm this guarantee consumption of a fresh product.
  3. Better for the environment: organic farming focuses on renewable energy and the conservation of water and soil.
  4. Richer in nutrients: It has been proven that organic food has higher levels of nutrients than non-organic food, they contain more nutrients and vitamins in them.  Thus the consumption of organic products ensures that we get adequate nutrients to meet our nutritional needs.
  5. Better for livestock: organic products are healthy for our livestock since they contain no pesticides that may be harmful to their health.
  6. GMO-Free: Organic food is free of any genetically modified ingredients thus its safe for our health. Sometimes consumption of GMO foods is associated with chronic diseases and disorders.


Consumption of organic foods is slightly inexpensive compared to junk foods since they are fresh products from our farms that we can be able to grow and afford any time we want them. We offer the best products that are free from pest-sides and other added chemicals that may be harmful to your health.

Welcome to The Organic Place where we offer a variety of services that ensure you live long and healthy. We are a family run business who are passionate about healthy food, living, and consumption of safe nutritious foods. We love to cook and try new things and want to help our community do the same that’s why we aim at empowering the community members.

We aim at providing fresh organic produce e.g. fruits and vegetables depending on the season. We offer household essentials delivered to the door of homes and businesses in Melbourne’s West.  We make healthy eating and living accessible and convenient for all at an affordable cost. All you need to is subscribe to our weekly fruit and vegetables bag or shop now to choose your own products.

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