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Written by Ella Stephen

At some point in their lives, everyone gets injured or feels like they aren’t performing at their highest level. While some people may try to power through how they feel, getting help is one of the best ways to make sure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible. There are many physio services that are available and, depending on your needs, can help you feel your best. From neurological physio to paediatric physio, anytime you don’t feel your best, visiting a physio expert can turn your life around.

Neurological Physio

If you have had a neurological issue that is negatively affecting your daily life, then coming in for specially designed physio is a great way to feel better and regain some of your independence. Anyone with strokes, spinal cord injuries, MS, and even Guillain-Barre Syndrome can benefit from physio. These treatments will help with increasing your muscle strength and tone as well as helping you with your balance and walking. There is no case too extreme that physio in Cockburn can’t help.

Dry Needling

When you have experienced soft tissue damage and are looking to help your body heal, dry needling may be a great fit for you. By increasing circulation to specific areas of your body as well as releasing knots in your muscles, dry needling can help you feel better almost immediately. Common ailments that can be treated with dry needling include muscle strains, tight muscles, and tennis elbow. Take care of your health and healing by promoting the release of opioids and endorphins in your body with this treatment.

Paediatric Physio

Even children can benefit from physio. Always make sure that you take your child to a physiotherapist who is trained to work with and treat children, as the approach is different from treating an adult. If your child suffers from problems with their gait, juvenile arthritis, or even infant torticollis, they may benefit from paediatric physio. There are a number of other conditions that affect your child’s health that can be treated through physio.

Geriatric Caregivers

Senior citizens often experience pain that is hard to control without using medication, but many patients don’t want to deal with the hassle and frustration of living with pain meds. Chronic pain and reduced mobility can come with age, but there are treatments that can manage this pain and improve the quality of life for senior citizens. While aging is normal, feeling anxious and having trouble sleeping isn’t, and with special physio designed to treat these issues, everyone can feel great, no matter their age.

The next time you are faced with a medical issue and want to explore a natural alternative to medicine, look into physio to see how it can help you heal. It’s becoming more and more common for patients to treat their body with physio, and in doing so, they are stronger, healthier, and happier.

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