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Preparation, Procedure And Removal Of Bunion

Written by Ella Stephen

A bunion is a bony bump located on your feet just where your big toe joint begins, and it is quite easy to diagnose. While Bunions can sometimes cause a lot of discomfort and pain, in many situations they can be managed and you will not even notice them. However, if you do feel like there is something wrong, make sure to check out for some of the podiatrists in Sydney like ModPod Podiatry.

Bunion removal

As it was said, a bunion will form at the base of your big toe, which means the place where a union between the foot bone is created. Your big toe can point excessively towards the other toes and push them, and this can cause a bony bump on that side. That is a foot deformity and it can consist of both soft and bony tissue.

Visit a doctor if Bunions cause you pain

Wearing small shoes or the one with a narrow toe area are the usual culprits that cause Bunions, which is another reason why women tend to have bunions more often. The removal of bunions is a surgical procedure that will correct this deformity of your foot, but that is also not always the case.

The surgery is only needed if the pain is too severe for the patient because in some cases the surgery will not do much good, while in other cases it will correct your foot. Sometimes, people call this procedure bunion surgery, hallux valgus or bunionectomy, and the procedure is only performed if nothing else could help relieve the pain.

Choosing the bunion surgery

It is very important that you have a podiatrist whom you can trust since there are various bunion surgeries that can be recommended. You have to trust your podiatrist to make the right choice, which is why you might want to contact ModPod Podiatry for bunion treatment without surgery.

People usually get relief from bunion pain by wearing oversized shoes that have a wider toe box. You can also try to cushion bunions with protective pads, to relieve some pain. People who experience pain even after some of the lifestyle changes require surgery.

The following scenarios make you a candidate for surgery:

–    Your pain is so severe that you are unable to do the usual daily activities.

–    You are not able to walk more than a couple of blocks without feeling severe pain.

–    Even with medication and rest, your big toe remains red and swollen.

–    You are not able to straighten or bend your big toe.

Take proper care of your feet

Prepare for surgery

Before you have the bunion surgery, your podiatrist will take an X-ray of your lungs, test your blood and urine for any underlying illness and perform and electrocardiogram that will check the function of your heart.

You might be required to stop taking medication a couple of days before your surgery, and this usually applies to those who take aspirin or any other drugs from blood-thinning. This procedure is usually an outpatient procedure, and this means that you will be able to go home a few hours after the surgery. But, listen to your doctor as he/she will determine how long you need to rest.

Final word

The most important thing is to make sure to look for help as soon as you start feeling pain in your legs or feet. Any kind of pain Is not normal, especially if it keeps persisting even after a day of relaxing. It is normal to feel a small amount of pain if you spent whole day exercising, but even that should not be classified as severe pain.

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