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Three Early Warning Signs of Cancer

Written by Ella Stephen

You know your body better than anyone and are likely to notice if you suddenly begin losing large amounts of weight without warning or otherwise begin to feel unlike yourself from day to day. That said, there are many indications of cancer which are not quite as obvious and which may be confused for other problems, such as the flu. Therefore, it is imperative that you pay close attention the moment you feel something is no longer right with your body. Doing this will not only help you to dramatically reduce the risk of catching the cancer too late for treatment, but it will help you to better make use of the available treatment options for the type of cancer diagnosed.


Oral cancer is one that may be misdiagnosed as little more than a collection of ulcers, but the sores associated with oral cancer will not only look and feel different but possibly produce pain when touched or irritated. You may also experience swelling or numbness in addition to the sores as tumours and other aspects of the cancer begin to grow beneath your skin, and these may or may not be noticeable from the outside of the mouth and jaw. You are at greater risk for oral cancer if you regularly smoke, chew, or suck on tobacco as part of your daily routine, and it is best to seek medical attention the moment you begin to experience abnormalities with your mouth and throat.

Bloody Stool

This may be a potentially difficult symptom to catch because a number of problems can cause blood in your stool, including everything from interior haemorrhoids to prostate cancer. If you begin to notice any pink or red colouring in your stool, regardless of the amount, it is in your best interests to visit a professional for a thorough examination of the area using a number of techniques. If you are found to be suffering from the development of cancer, you may learn more about chemotherapy treatment as a solution to the problem which may help you to defeat the cancer without too many adverse effects.

Shortness of Breath

When you are particularly unfit, you may find yourself short of breath after climbing a set of stairs or otherwise exerting more effort than you are accustomed to in one session. If you begin to notice you are out of breath more often or after tasks you previously could complete without trouble, it may be time for you to have an examination of your lungs performed by a professional. Cancer may develop slowly and may even lay dormant in the body for years before suddenly beginning to spread, and it is better to hear a professional tell you there is nothing to worry about than to learn it is too late for treatment.

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