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Top Breast Cancer Surgeons in Los Angeles – Spreading Awareness among Women

Written by Ella Stephen

There is an average estimate of at least 12% of breast cancer patients in the USA today as 1 out of 8 women in the nation suffers from this form of cancer. The other forms of cancer that women in the nation are susceptible to are skin and lung cancer. They are the leading causes of death in the nation. In the past few years however, there has been encouraging news that the death rates resulting from breast cancer has dipped. This is primarily because of awareness programs and more women coming into clinics for tests.

Causes explained by Top Breast Cancer Surgeons in Los Angeles

Before getting on to the causes of breast cancer, it is important for you to know first what it means. Top breast cancer surgeons In Los Angeles say that this form of cancer takes place when the cells in the tissue of the breast changes or keeping on reproducing in an abnormal manner. These cells later cluster together to produce a tumor. This breast tumor is often malignant or cancerous when the abnormal calls attack the other regions of the breast or expand to other regions of your body via the lymphatic system or the blood stream.

Understand how breast cancer develops

Doctors say that this form of cancer develops in the lobules and the disease is more common in women over men. However, note that males can get breast cancer as well. Though it is a rare case however the chances of a man getting breast cancer cannot be ruled out completely. In short, anyone that has a breast tissue is prone to develop breast cancer.

Causes of breast cancer

Genetic mutation of DNA in the breast cells causes breast cancer. The exact causes of this form of mutation are not known completely. Some experts state that it takes place with the passage of time whereas some suggest it is the cause of lifestyle changes and other factors.

Women over 50 years are diagnosed with breast cancer however there are some women that get breast cancer when no risk factors are present at all. Some cases can however be prevented however when it comes to the issue of breast cancer, family history, age, history of pregnancy etc. are some of the chief causes that result in breast cancer in women.

Top breast cancer surgeons in Los Angeles say that when it comes to breast cancer, you must ensure that you have a healthy lifestyle. Go for medical checks often to ascertain health. They say that you should not consume too much of alcohol when you are at risk for breast cancer. There are several clinics in the USA and they have experienced and professional doctors that conduct your tests. If you are woman you must take care of your health. Being aware of breast cancer will help you prevent the disease from taking control of your health and life. Consult doctors that are credible and reputed in the field to be on the safe side!

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