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Topic: Learning to Coupe With Arthritis

Written by Ella Stephen

Arthritis is a word derived from greek word Arthron which means “Joint” and according to latin it means “inflammation”. Combining the two becomes its main characteristic that it affects joints through inflammation.

Arthritis is common in elderly, but it’s not necessary. Young people, even children can come across this disease. What’s worse, it never departs a body, until death. However, medical science has developed modern ways to provide relief to the arthritis patients and physiotherapy is one of those methods. If you have arthritis, you can visit a physiotherapy clinic in your town. In fact, is considered to be the best in North York.

This post talks about how you can fight arthritis and live a happy satisfied life. What’s better than starting by knowing this life threatening disease? So, let’s get started!


According to medical experts, if you feel stiffness in your body and feel pain moving your body parts, you might be having Arthritis. If you see swollen joints, it is the earliest symptom of this disease.


Four Major Causes of Arthritis

According to North York physiotherapists, different types of arthritis may be caused by several different factors in combination.

  1. Most of the time people have this disease in their jeans.
  2. Physical work for a longer duration which involves specific muscles and bones.
  3. Most of the people are used to take junk once a day which also causes stiffness in bodies.
  4. Lack of burning body calories. In response these calories cause inflammation.

Effects of Arthritis

Arthritis creates inflammation on different parts and organs, including joints cartilage, lungs, heart membrane, eye and skin.

  • It affects the eye through excessive loss of sclera.
  • It also damages skin tissues by soaking away the liquid from skin and makes it dead and swollen.
  • Arthritis mostly causes damages to knees and finger cartilage, while it causes severe pain in shoulder neck and waist.
  • Mostly found in bones, arthritis doesn’t directly attack bones, it causes inflammation in capsules and ligaments and damage cartilage to excess fluid. Cartilage tissues become weak and create stiffness in movement of joints. Joints are everywhere in our body, including, shoulder, neck, elbows, wrist, fingers, hips, knees, ankles and toes.

Types of Arthritis

Two primary types are mentioned below:

  1. Osteoarthritis: it causes damages to cartilage which becomes stiff and easy to break. As a result it loses its effectiveness to absorb shock. When it wears away leaving the bones to rub against each other and causing severe pain.
  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis: this type of arthritis is inflammatory and causes extensive damage to synovial membrane. As a result the affected area swells and eventually deformity occurs. It is a common disease that attacks women more than men after crossing 40 years of age.


There are different kinds of physical and occupational remedies against arthritis:

  1. Physiotherapy: Your physiotherapist in North York will help you move affected body part and to achieve different kinds of movements easily. It is made sure that affected area do not go through wear and tear during physiotherapy sessions.
  1. Medications: different kinds of supplements are available which mostly include glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to create cartilage and make bone movement less painful.
  1. Occupational therapy: occupational therapist will teach you how to fight arthritis by instructing you about your diet plan, rest and work schedule, different movements to attain flexibility and even shoes to wear.

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