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Types of Yoga Workout classes perfect For You

Written by Ella Stephen

Nowadays, it looks like yoga workout is performed everywhere all around the institutions, elderly folks centers, gyms and strip malls. Each consist of its different spin such as hot yoga, gentle yoga, restorative yoga, post-natal yoga, me/mommy yoga etc.

Group yoga workout class in Malaysia is one of the recommended fitness clubs that offer different yoga styles. The reasons why yoga has increased a huge popularity especially in Malaysia is because of its health benefits that have been experienced by many participants.

Benefits of yoga classes

There are numerous benefits experienced by dedicated yoga participants, from enhanced health to lessened pain. Here are some of the testimonial benefits from yoga attendees:

  • The bodies of yoga beginners became strengthened and flexible for running, particularly the upper part of the body.
  • More relaxed and well sleeping.
  • Yoga reduces a pain from herniated discs at the back that lies on an L5 nerve root which caused discomfort on the foot.
  • Yoga recommended by a surgeon for the injured knee.
  • A positive effect of yoga on chronic neck pains has also been reported from one of the participants.

Types of Yoga for any ability level and age

There are no age restriction orders in yoga practices. The students of any can practice yoga. Group yoga workout class in Malaysia also encourages individuals of any age to enroll in yoga classes. Teenagers to seniors of 70 years old are among the members in yoga workout classes in Malaysia.

In case, you attempt a yoga class and unfortunately, you did not like it, it’s advisable if you choose another different instructor or even a different style. Yoga offers benefits at many different levels regardless of your age. Therefore, shouldn’t give it just because you didn’t get along with your instructor or the styles were rather complicated.

Guide of the Type Yoga classes

This guide is helpful for individuals who don’t know where to start. These are descriptions of some different yoga available in group yoga workout class in Malaysia and other advanced yoga clubs.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow means moving with breath. In other vinyasa yoga styles you will be instructed to flow in out and in of poses without holding postures for a longer period of time. In some posture, the teacher instructs the students to remain in posture for long.


This type of yoga was founded in the year 1997, which basically emphases on heart opening through the alignment and back-bending, including props uses. Anusara means flow with grace and it basically targets to look food best in all means. It’s perfect for all level students.


Ashtanga involves link moves to a series breathings of poses designed to align, detoxify, and body strengthening. In Ashtanga yoga, is whereby a room is heated up to a temperature of 85 degree Celsius. However, it found a challenging practice for most individuals.

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