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Using Cinnamon Sticks To Stop Smoking: How It Works

Written by Ella Stephen

Quitting cigarettes is one of the most difficult things to do as it has both physiological and psychological effects on someone who is trying to say no to the cancer sticks. For many, it’s very difficult to quit smoking, as the very attempt at quitting produces a number of withdrawal symptoms. People try to avoid these sin sticks in several ways, one of which is using cinnamon. Although it is used as a spice for flavoring purposes, it is effective in kicking the butt when taken in stick form. Do cinnamon sticks really work? There is no one-word answer to this question. So, let’s read on to find out how to stop smoking using cinnamon sticks.

How Cinnamon Helps You Quit?

Cinnamon sticks are often used by smokers to fight the addiction. Using them will not give you relief from the side effects of quitting cigarettes or the withdrawal symptoms. However, these sticks are pretty useful because they have a psychological effect on a person who is trying to quit.

The Idea of Using Cinnamon Sticks

The idea is to use cinnamon sticks as cigarettes, though you are not supposed to light these sticks as cigarettes. Keep them handy whenever you feel the urge to puff away. You can simply inhale a stick to calm yourself and reduce your cravings to some extent.

Many believe that inhaling the cinnamon sticks tricks your body into believing that you have actually taken a drag. Smokers suffering from withdrawal symptoms after kicking the butt crave for sugar. You can manage this symptom by using cinnamon sticks to get respite from the uneasiness or discomfort of staying away from cigarettes.

Some May Not Like the Strong Cinnamon Flavor

You can keep using the sticks until your nicotine cravings subside. Some people may find the taste of cinnamon sticks too overpowering. What are you supposed to do in such a situation? If you feel that chewing them leaves a bad taste in your mouth, drink a glass of water to get rid of the cinnamon flavor. Water will wash away its strong aftertaste easily. However, avoid using it if you are allergic to cinnamon.

How to Use the Sticks for Better Results?

  • Whether at home or at office or whenever you feel the urge to light up a cigarette, make sure that the cinnamon sticks are easily available. Keep them in your office, at home, in your car, and even carry them when you’re traveling by public transport.
  • Hold the sticks in the same manner as you would hold a cigarette when you feel the urge to smoke. Put a stick inside your mouth. Inhale the flavor as if you’re inhaling cigarette smoke. Though you won’t get any taste of nicotine, you will just imitate the physical actions of lighting up a cigarette without suffering the adverse effects of smoking.
  • Breathe out deeply after you have inhaled the flavor of the cinnamon stick. Keep inhaling and exhaling as you would do while puffing away. Try doing this until your craving subsides.

The best way to know how to quit smoking is to try to quit smoking. Yes, the journey will be difficult, but the goal is very much achievable. For inspiration, you can talk to people who have quit smoking or read up articles that talk about the various effective ways of quitting. If you are a non-smoker, you can support a person who is trying to quit, by being empathetic. Using cinnamon sticks is one among the many ways that people adopt to leave behind the nicotine stick. This might help you especially if you have tried quitting several times and are looking for an alternative route to reach your goal.

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