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What are the 6 Advantages of Luxury Inpatient Drug Rehab

Written by Ella Stephen

You may be considering a decision on admitting into an inpatient rehab but you have been asking yourself why should you do so when you can enroll in an outpatient program. Inpatient program is designed for people involved in long term drug abuse. You must know the advantages of an inpatient drug rehab program if you want to fully understand why you should join one. The following are 6 advantages of joining an inpatient luxury rehab center.

  1. 24 Hour Medical Supervision

One advantage of going to inpatient rehab is that it offers 24 hour medical supervision. Without medical supervision, you may end up in a dangerous situation when the withdrawal symptom appear. Sometimes, you can’t reach the ER fast enough to save your own life. When you experience a withdrawal symptom, you may start to hallucinate a lot which can disturb your concentration and causing you to get involved in accidents. Withdrawal symptoms can also cause health problems like choking, heart attack, and stroke. The drug rehab provides professional support to help patients safely pass through the detoxification process.

  1. 24/7 Support from Trained Professional

You are not alone when you go through the recovery process in the rehab. You have the support from the trained counselors and doctors. When you have problem, you can always approach them and talk to them about it. In the inpatient program, patients regularly meet together in group meeting. Group counseling session is a time when the members share stories about their encounters with their addictions. In some rehabs, the group meeting is gender or age specific.

  1. Avoid Negative Influences

Staying at inpatient rehab can protect the patient from being exposed to negative influences. When you are at home, your old friends who use drugs will keep coming to ask you to hang out with them. When you are in an inpatient rehab, you are not allowed to come in contact with any friend or family member that has acted as enabler. Some rehabs may allow visits from family members. Family members play an important role in the patient’s recovery. The restrictions on access to outsiders can help the patient to focus on making a full recovery.

4.Learn to Lead a Disciplined Life

Drug addicts end up in a helpless state after having lost all their motivations to lead a discipline life. In the drug rehab, there is a supervisor that makes sure everyone is following the timetable. The timetable tells you what time to do what activities for example wake up time, group/individual counseling, field trips, fitness activity, meal time, and free time.

  1. Comfortable Amenities

Luxury drug rehab provides high end facilities like state of the art gym, a big garden for strolling, swimming pool, direct beach front access, and etc. This makes the drug rehab a suitable place for cultivating healthy hobbies. You can take part in group sports or recreational activities, arts and crafts activities or any other hobbies while at the rehab.

  1. Follow Up Support

Many luxury drug rehab centers provides follow up support after the patient has left the facility. Follow up support can means that the patient must attend outpatient counseling/therapy sessions. Patients can contact the therapist and get help when they feel the urge to relapse again.

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