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What Are The Health Risks Of Owning A Pet In A House

Written by Ella Stephen

Sure, you consider your dog or cat as a beloved part of the family. They could provide not only but an entertainment but they can also be stress-relievers. Imagine an instance where you get home while your cute Shih-Tzu wiggles its tail while heading toward you. That’s a very comforting and relieving scene, right? Because of their unique charms, it’s not a wonder that more and more homeowners want to have pets in their home.

However, on the other side of the coin, services from a North Ryde vet like Gordon Vet stress out that welcoming these furry friends may also bring potential hazards. You should know and watch out for these health risks that can be brought by pets. Being aware of these risks can keep everyone safe from pets.

Water bowls

Every adult person needs to be completely aware that babies, toddlers, and babies can get drowned even in just 2 inches of water. That’s right. Having said that, experts always recommend not to leave your kid unattended when your dog’s or pet’s water supply is near. Make sure that the bowl is far enough from your child’s play area.

Flea Lotions and Collars

According to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, pyrethroid-based treatments are essential in warding off ticks and fleas from your pets. However, there’s one thing you should know. These kinds of insecticides can bring potential danger not only to your pet but to your family as well. For this reason alone, checking with a professional vet regarding safe OTC solutions can go a long way for the health and safety of everyone. In addition to that, practicing good grooming habits could also play a very important role when it comes to the prevention of ticks and fleas and other different skin issues.


For your additional information, pooches and other kinds of pets could also share internal and external zoonotic diseases along with humans. Children tend to acquire hookworm when they’ve developed the hobbit of running barefoot on your lawn where your parasite-infected pet once stay at. Also, be watchful of infected pups because they can also be a source of ringworm. With that being said, giving optimum care is recommended. And that means putting serious thought into lifetime parasite control among your beloved pets.


Ticks are not only annoying; they could also put your health and safety at risks. Unluckily, pets that spend time in woody places could pick up these pests.  The sad part here is that tiny ticks are hard to diagnose and detect. This could be one the reasons why long-term issues such as arthritis, impaired brain function and irregular heartbeat happen. If you are not sure whether or not your pet is infected with ticks, you better visit Gordon Vet website regarding the best paralysis tick prevention for dogs.

It is true that pets could bring possible harm to anyone. However, it is not a reason that we should despise them. It’s just one of the best reasons that we need to take care of them and give our unconditional love to these lovely creatures. At the end of the day, our health and safety from the risks lie in our hands.


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