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What Is Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

Written by Ella Stephen

Myofascial trigger point therapy is simply a bodywork technique in which pressure is applied to the tender muscle tissues with the intention to relieve body dysfunction and pain. It is one among the many treatment approaches grouped under the neuromuscular therapy.  It was first discovered in the United States by Dr.Janet Travell in the early 1940s. It, however, went viral several years after when Dr. Travell healed President John F. Kennedy of back pain.

Who Can Perform Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is specially designed to be performed trained trigger point therapists. Those who perform these treatments will have undergone training in soft tissues and the way they work. They will know the pain referral patterns and the location of the trigger points that are most affected by the trigger points.

Who Is Trigger Point Therapy Made For

Trigger point therapy is not made for a specific group of people. People of all ages, genders,and races can undergo the treatment.  As long as your muscles have active trigger points, you will be qualified for this therapy. It works by deactivating the active trigger points on your muscles to enable them to complete their range of motion and realize their normal functions.

Benefits Of Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy has a world-wide reputation as an effective pain-relieving method that performs quite well when used to treat disc bulges, sciatica,and disc herniation. It is often included in care plans by most back pain medicine specialists as it has proven to effectively work in relieving chronic shoulder, neck, and back pain.  Also, if you are diagnosed with hip, spine or knee osteoarthritis, you are also likely going to be advised to undergo this treatment. It is one of the most effective pain management solutions in the market that are not only effective but also reliable.  Specialists in this sector will use the trigger point therapy to restore your muscle strength, ease body movement and enhance the quality of your life easily and safely.  The therapy does not have limitations as to which treatments can be used together with it. As a matter of fact, it can be used with most of the common treatments used for relieving pain.


In NYC, trigger point therapy is widely used in conjunction with massage in most medical clinics to help people manage their chronic pain.  When you decide to book for an appointment with any of the clinics in New York City, you must be specific who you trust with your body. You wouldn’t want to pay for pain management services only for the condition to be worsened.  So far, there is a wide range of NYC clinics that offer trigger point therapy as an alternative method for pain management. One of the well-known and already established clinics in the New York City which you can always count on is  NYDNRehab has proven itself to be the perfect destination for people with chronic who would rather opt for natural and safe treatment methods. The clinic is run by specialists who are licensed and certified to provide trigger point therapy.

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