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What is tinnitus and how to treat it naturally?

Written by Ella Stephen

Tinnitus is a condition which affects many people from every nook and corner of the world. This condition is known to affect people after they reach fifty years of age. A person who suffers from this condition can hear a ringing or a whistling sound in the ears. This condition can be temporary for some persons while it can become persistent and chronic in others.

The common causes of tinnitus include accumulative or excessive exposure to noise, injuries to the neck or head as well as ear infections. It can also indicate serious medical conditions. People who have chronic tinnitus will start adjusting to this problem but most of the times people will find this condition debilitating and disturbing. This condition can lead to sleeplessness or restlessness, poor performance at the workplace, anxiety, irritability and depression.

Facts about tinnitus

Listed below are some of the main things that a person should have a sound knowledge about.

Tinnitus normally occurs due to the rupture of the inner ear or the cochlea.

There are medications which can worsen this condition. This includes aspirin and other painkillers.

People who are suffering from this condition are normally oversensitive when they hear a loud noise.

What exactly is Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition which happens when a person is consciously able to hear sounds that do not come from sources present outside his body. Tinnitus is not exactly a disease but it is the symptom of underlying problems.

This noise is normally subjective, which means that the person who is suffering from tinnitus is able to hear it. A common form of tinnitus includes a steady ringing in the ears which is high pitched. It is true that this condition can be very annoying, but it does not indicate any serious condition.

In one percent of the people, this condition can also be objective. This means that the noise can be heard by other people as well. This kind of noise is caused by musculoskeletal movements or cardiovascular movements within the body of a person. This can be a sign of medical emergencies. People can opt for the tinnitus natural treatment in order to get rid of this condition.

Symptoms of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an extremely irritating condition which is non-auditory and can be heard by a person either continuously or intermittently in his ears. This sound can be both low pitched and high pitched. The sounds may resemble whistling, clicking, chirping, screeching, roaring, pulsing, buzzing, musical, static, or whooshing. The volume of the sound may fluctuate. This condition is noticeable when there is absolute silence all around. There can be hearing loss as well.


The very first step that should be taken is to treat the underlying causes of tinnitus. This includes:

Prompt care for the ear infections.

Discontinuing the ototoxic medications.

Treating the problems with temporomandibular joints which will affect the places between the cheekbones and the jaw bone.

Natural Remedies

In most of the cases, tinnitus is difficult to be treated and there are chances that this condition cannot be treated. The tinnitus natural treatment should be opted for.

Counselling and Coping Strategies

It has been recommended by the experts that patients who are suffering from severe conditions of tinnitus, should go through counselling. Biofeedback help in controlling the stress and the reaction of the tinnitus sounds. People suffering from this condition can also join support groups. Coping strategies are considered to be very useful for managing the emotional side effect of this condition like anxiety, depression, insomnia and loss of focus.

Masking Devices

The hearing aids or the masking devices are known to act as the sound therapies. These devices can lower the strength of the unwanted sounds or increase the volume of the environmental sounds which are extremely soft. Electronic devices are available which can help in suppressing the unwanted noise.

Avoiding Loud Noises

A person should stay away from loud noises coming from the construction equipment or the heavy machinery. Gunshots, loud concerts, or car accidents can also trigger tinnitus.

Though tinnitus cannot be effectively treated, a person opting for the natural remedies will benefit a lot. It is also important to limit the use of the headphones or earplugs.

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