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When canI Start Intercourse After Heart Attack

Written by Ella Stephen

If you recover well after your cardiac arrest, you are able to have sexual intercourse again whenever you feel ready. Normally, this is after four days.

No elevated risk

You and your spouse might be worried about making love after your cardiac arrest. Lots of people believe it may be too strenuous.

However, there is no evidence to point out that making love increases your chance of another cardiac arrest. Once you’ve retrieved, you’re no more prone to trigger another cardiac arrest through intercourse than somebody who has didn’t have cardiac arrest.

Physical exercise and exercise are great for the center and, for most of us, continue being suggested after cardiac arrest. Like any kind of exercise, making love could make your heart continue to work harder, by growing your heartbeat and bloodstream pressure.

When you should get advice

When you get chest pains (angina) throughout sex, you need to inform your GP.

After cardiac arrest, some males have issues getting or maintaining a harder erection (erection dysfunction). These complaints could be triggered by emotional stress or, rarely, by medication for example beta-blockers. However, impotence may also produce other causes. Confer with your GP who are able to check what’s leading to your problems and advise if you want any treatment.

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