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Who Benefits From Vasectomy And Why

Written by Ella Stephen

Vasectomy is a procedure carried out on male patients. It’s purpose is to stop the sperm that grow in the testes from being able to exit via the penis during ejaculation. Effectively, it makes the male sterile. Men who have it need to be clear that they no longer want to father children. While the procedure can be reversed, success rates may be disappointing. Females also benefit because vasectomy is a simpler and safer procedure than the female equivalent, tubal ligation.

No more children

Many men who chose to have the procedure will have already had one or more children. They feel that they do not want any more kids, and are therefore happy to have the vasectomy procedure. Before going ahead with it, they need to ask themselves questions like ‘But what if I break up with my current partner, meet somebody new, and she wants to have kids?’ One option is to use a sperm bank before having the procedure done.

Countless couples have tried various forms of contraception in an effort to avoid unwanted pregnancies only to find that the female is pregnant. Women taking contraceptive pills may forget to take them on time. Devices like coils and condoms are far from 100% sure to work. Vasectomy is one of the safest means of avoiding unwanted pregnancy.

There have been reports of men fathering children after a vasectomy. When these are investigated, it often transpires that they did not follow instructions to avoid unprotected sex until their semen was sterile. Sperm can live in the reproductive tracts for some time after the vasectomy has been performed. Provided men or their partners continue to take precautions until they get the all clear, vasectomy is one of the safest methods of contraception.

Better sex life

Many women do not like the idea of taking a pill almost daily for many decades, and insist their partners use condoms. However, many men do not like using condoms. They feel they interfere with the sensations, and they also dislike the inability to engage in spontaneous sex. After vasectomy, these problems no longer exist. Surveys have shown that couples tend to have sex more frequently once the male has had a vasectomy.

If you or your partner are considering having a vasectomy and are unsure about any aspects of the procedure, the people at Georgia Urology in Atlanta are there to help. Feel free to contact them with any questions you may have.

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