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Why Some Women Fail to Attend Breast Screening and Why You Must Have it Done

Written by Ella Stephen

You hear the excuses all the time, often from women who feel they are already healthy and fit and have no reason to worry about the results of a breast screening because they already know the answer. These excuses seem more elaborate with every retelling, and it may be that you find yourself thinking of them all and considering whether or not to attend your own breast screening this year. The truth of the matter is that breast screening is a fast and fairly simple procedure designed to aid in the early detection of breast cancer, a disease from which both men and women may suffer.


Some women fear that a breast screening would be painful and are unwilling to go to the effort of putting together an examination during which they feel discomfort. That said, not only is any mild discomfort felt during the screening exceptionally small in comparison to the many negative symptoms associated with advanced breast cancer, but it is also worth it to have peace of mind. After all, the shots that deliver life-saving polio vaccines and help to stop rabies from infecting animals do cause some discomfort, but the benefits of receiving protection from a host of highly dangerous and fatal diseases quickly outweigh the mild discomfort.


You are never too busy to ensure you do not have anything unpleasant developing inside one or more of your breasts, and the screening is relatively simple, fast, and easy to book. To learn more about breast screening in Singapore, you need only contact a company responsible for giving out the examination and ask them about how it is done and why it is necessary. There are many cancers that cause hardly any symptoms at all for weeks, months, or even years before they suddenly take their toll on the human body, and a simple breast screening can stop this dangerous cycle in its tracks.

Many women use their work as an excuse never to take the time for a breast screening at least once a year, but unless you work well over 70 hours a week between two jobs, this is not likely to be entirely true. If you do work during the open hours of the screening clinic, it is in your best interests to take time away from work at least twice a year to ensure you are as healthy and fit as you feel at all times. This is one thing both men and women should do, although women are at a higher risk and should do it much more often.


Cancer is a silent killer and can develop dramatically in a matter of days or weeks, causing a wide range of sudden and advanced symptoms. In some cases, however, it is far slower and can build up in your body for a number of years without causing a single adverse symptom. In this case, such as with pancreatic cancer, the lack of symptoms is enough to allow cancer to grow beyond treatment, which is why you need regular screenings.


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