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Why would you stick to Tbol

Written by Ella Stephen

What comes to your mind when you think of an alternative to Dianabol? The best answer would be a Turinabol or more commonly known Tbol cycle. Yes, this steroid first gained famed when it came into the forefront that Arnorld Schwarzenegger was among the first users. This one is a potential anabolic drug that has no severe and harsh side effects like that of its alternative Dianabol. When the question is about mass gain most of the bodybuilders still fall weak on the Tbol and quite logically also. The reasons for this being better than dianabol are plenty and that of not stacking it with any other steroid.

Slow yet persisting muscle gains:

Dianabol would be any bpody builders first pick. Most people only look into the apparent and initial paced up gains that are the resultant factor of taking Dianabol. But what they fail to see through is that the effects of it do not stay for long. However, it is different in Tbol cycles. The Tbol cycles work slower in terms of gaining muscle mass but the great thing about it is that even if the cycle ends the high quality gains continue to exist and just doesn’t vanish away. So, it is always better to go for Turinabol if you are looking out for promising and significant gains. But one thing is to be kept in mind. The gains will remain maintained only if the Tbol cycle is not stacked with any other anabolic drug cycle. Thus, this one poses to be the best alternative to Dianabol.

Brilliant for cutting cycles:

There are not many anabolic steroids that are as versatile as that of Tbol. Its popularity for bulking cycles almost always overshadows its capabilities when used for cutting cycles. The only difference is the dosage. Cutting cycles are not much extensive which is why repeat cycles are often recommended. As opposed to the bulking dosage of 80 mg/day, a person who is into the drug to retain muscles and yet burn excess fat must take not more than 40 mg of Tbol on a daily basis.

Lesser chances of severe side effects:

Every steroid will inevitable come with some side effect or the other the only parity is that some of them are accompanied with major and harsh side effects while the rest are on the lighter side when the question is about side effects. The Turinabol too is on the lighter side as opposed to the harsh side effects of its alternative Dianabol. If taken according to instructions and guidelines the cycles of Tbol does not do any harm to the health, rather it helps maintain health. The harsher side effects can be easily avoided if one does not stack the Tbol cycles with any additional anabolic steroid. By far the best and unique benefit of Tbol is that it rids the user from the worries of any kind of gynecomastia and bloating due to the simple reason that Tbol does not become aromatic at all.

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